Breezy Prints

Nancy D for Fab Four Fashion

Nancy D for Fab Four Fashion

Ladies. Please do yourselves a favor and take the time to devour de deliciousness that is Dellez! This dress here is perfect in so many ways! Beautiful print; light and breezy; AND, tall ladies, it’s loooooong! Here I am wearing 4″ heels and the dress is still touching the floor! In addition to all this, the beauty behind Dellez also has brains: allow me to explain. A dash of sexy is provided to the dress via the high slit. But being mindful of wardrobe malfunctions, the creative genius equipped the dress with built in shorts to keep your lady bits nicely tucked away lol. How cool is that?!

There are limited quantities available so you can be sure to turn heads without having to worry about stumbling upon at a twinsie at your next event. You can get a great deal on shipping as well: US $10 to ship to the United States and US $15 to ship to Canada.

Nancy D for Fab Four Fashion Nancy D for Fab Four Fashion Nancy D for Fab Four Fashion Nancy D for Fab Four Fashion Nancy D for Fab Four Fashion Nancy D for Fab Four Fashion Nancy D for Fab Four Fashion

Dress: Dellez // Shoes: Nordstrom

Plus size ladies, you can recreate this look with this dress or that one.

Dress courtesy of Dellez and opinions are all mine.

Special thanks to Roseline Bonheur for being my noted fashion photographer for the day!



Fancy Dressy & Classy

Grp Edited IMG_2026

The ladies of Fab Four Fashion never need an excuse to get all dolled up.  Whether we are celebrating a friend’s birthday, heading out to dinner or just because, we always come dressed to impress!

Grp Edited IMG_1926

Nancy’s Look

ND Edited IMG_1236

When the weather warms up like this, it means one and only one thing: it’s time to get summertime fine! Lol Because I’m often quick to run to the store or online for a fly look, I challenged myself to get creative with existing pieces from my wardrobe.

ND Edited IMG_1124

Honestly, I know it’s really not that hard to pull pieces from your own wardrobe, but when your closet is in utter chaos (I can’t be alone on this one… am I? ?? Lol) it’s easy to forget some of the gorgeous pieces hidden in its depths.

Summer equals color, color, and more color. So when I rediscovered this Dedo Azu asymmetrical skirt, I knew that it would be at the center of my look.


ND Edited IMG_1222

I paired my dress with a sweetheart neckline top (which is actually a dress) that I wore here. Because I wanted the fullest full skirt ever, I added a tutu underneath. So I was basically wearing a dress with two skirts lol but it created just the right look that I was looking for and I didn’t drop a dime. YAY ME!

I finished off my look with a black cut out cuff for a dash of edge, some dangly black earrings and mustard pumps because it just goes! With that, I’m ready for summer night awesomeness!

ND Edited IMG_1180


Skirt: Dedo Azu (Instagram @dedoazu or via  email for inquiries and orders) // Dress (worn as a top): Topshop (old); similar here // Shoes: Shoemint (old); similar here

Plus size options: Skirt: Dedo Azu provides customized option, so she got you too! Top: here and here

Leslie’s Look

LT Edited IMG_0882

I love wearing pretty summer dresses when  the weather warms up and this one is one of my faves! I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that it was the gorgeous colour and super cool African print that drew me to this dress. The colour is fun and vibrant, while the print has the shape and symmetry that just appeals to me!

LT Edited IMG_1027

While this is a halter dress, I opted to rock it with a leather moto style jacket to give the illusion that it is actually a skirt. Truth be told, I also did this because I did not have time to have it altered and it’s still a wee bit too big!LOL But this just goes to show what you can do when you think outside the box!

The midi length of this dress is perfect for the tall girl and the flared skirt gives me some added volume on my bottom half.

LT Edited IMG_0853

The accessorizing of this outfit was easy. I wore a studded black belt to highlight my waist, and a little sparkle at the ears in the form of dangly earrings. To turn the colour all the way up, I added these neon yellow stilettos; and with that, I was ready to enjoy a warm spring evening and night out with that special someone, or with great friends!

LT Edited IMG_0995

Dress: Dedo Azu (Instagram @dedoazu or via  email for inquiries and orders).// Moto Jacket: Zara (old), Similar here // Shoes: Office (sold out), Similar here//

For my oh so pretty plus size babes: Dress: Dedo Azu (Instagram @dedoazu or via  email for inquiries and orders.)// Moto Jacket //


Gail’s Look

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but I would have to add sequins to the list too.  So, without question this skirt is the star of this outfit.  It hugs me in all the right places and when the light catches just right, its as though I’m shining bright like a diamond.

Edited IMG_1870

As I mentioned before, this skirt fits me to a “T” and features olive green, black and white sequins arranged in a camo print pattern.  This non stretch skirt is unlined with an invisible zipper and has an inset elastic waistband so it goes unseen.Edited IMG_1737

Edited IMG_1864

I paired my gem of a skirt with this black mesh long sleeved bodysuit.  I layered it with another bodysuit worn underneath.  To round out my look I added black peep toe pumps and gold accessories.  With that my friends my outfit is complete!

Edited IMG_1773

Skirt: Eloquii (this item is a final sale so be sure to check the size chart to ensure a perfect fit) // Mesh bodysuit: ASOS Curve//  Bodysuit: Maidenform similar here  here or here // Pumps: Zara (old) similar here

For my tall glamazons:  Black Bodysuit with Mesh Detail // Sequin skirt Option 1  Sequin skirt Option 2

Judy’s Look

JS Edited IMG_1375

Dressing up and dressing well is something that I love doing oh so much.  For my dressy look I went for a subtle feminine, femme-fatale red dress. I was fortunate enough to find this gorgeous red dress that almost looks like a 2 piece set, in my favorite scuba material.  Red is a color that a lot of people shy away from, however you can never go wrong with the right shade of red. I found this dress on my favorite website, ASOS, and since the dress was well priced (you know I’m always looking for a great deal) I just had to have it!

JS Edited IMG_1395

What drew me to this dress is the illusion of it being a 2 piece set.  Also, I’m a sucker for a voluminous puffy skirt. Since the top of the dress is fitted and looks like a crop top, the bottom part being puffy creates an overall effect that I simply love!

JS Edited IMG_1543

Another great thing about this dress is that it is made out of a scuba material; it always does right by me.  I love the stretch that this material offers, but more importantly, I appreciate that the material holds me in at all the right places. A thicker scuba material carefully smooths out my blemishes which is always a plus.

JS edited IMG_1414

To complete my feminine femme-fatale look I paired my dress with some leopard print pumps and a sparkly necklace, and voila, I’m ready to conquer.

Dress: Asos  similar  here // Clutch: Aldo // Shoes: Sam Edelman // Necklace: eBay (old) similar here

For my tall sisters: Dress: here and here

Grp Edited IMG_2001

Tah Tah for now,

The Fab Four

If The Shoe Fits


ND IMG_9793

If the shoe fits, wear it. Simple, right? Well not so much when you have a larger footprint… I remember wearing a size 9 at 9 years old, 10 at 10, 11 at 11; clearly, my family was concerned about what would happen to me when I hit 18! LOL Thankfully, my shoes size held at 11… until I had a baby that is, now my tender tootsies are resting comfortably at a size 12.

This is an ode to my large feet.

ND IMG_9952

While I tend to get bogged down by the lack of shoe options for anything over a size 11, it was definitely worst twenty years ago. See, I grew up in the 80’s, in an era when the ladies that we all wanted to emulate were tomboys: Queen Latifah, Yoyo, Mc Lyte, Aaliyah, TLC – all tomboys. This was perfect for me because I could always get my fly kicks from the men’s department.

ND IMG_9816

This was perfect for everyday life, but when we had special events, that’s when the headaches started. While everyone else rejoiced at the news that so and so got engaged, my joy would soon be replaced by the anxiety of what shoes I would wear to the wedding. lol Sad, I know.

I remember shopping with my dad and having to resort to the ugliest grandma shoes (no disrespect to the fly grandmas out there). The words: “mais tu n’as pas le choix” (French for: “but you don’t have any options”) were the worst ones that used to be uttered.

ND IMG_9873


Fast forward to the present day. The “stigma” associated with having larger feet still prevails. Shopping for shoes (outside of stores that specifically cater to “us”) is still a pain: basically involving whispering your size, seeing the sales person’s astonished look on their face (like having a size 12 is a monstrosity) and being informed that “the largest size in this shoe is a size 10, sorry”. Situations like this make me appreciate online shopping and long tall sally all the more!

ND IMG_9978

long tall sally has a wide array of awesome shoes (which are available in sizes 9 – 15) and – wait for it – that we would actually want to wear! Like these amazing sandals that make me feel like an Urban Gladiator! You just have to take a few minutes to check out If The Shoe Fits on It has some great tips to figure out the correct size, some fun facts and of course, a drool worthy lookbook.

ND IMG_0002


As the proud mom of a future tall girl (and likely big footed babe), I love seeing these initiatives as I hope and pray that she will not have to endure the same annoyances I had growing up. I also hope and pray that she will fully accept and love every single inch of herself. I reached that comfortable milestone later in life, but with brands like long tall sally, it makes it easier for younger girls with a love for fashion to express themselves in every way.

ND IMG_9919


Sandals: long tall sally // Dress: Club Monaco (ancient!); similar here // Jacket: Topshop

Plus size babes! I haven’t forgotten about you! Recreate my look with this dress or that one and this jacket!




Twirling in a Tutu

JS Edited IMG_5559

JS Edited IMG_5048




Tutus and tulle skirts have always been part of my wardrobe for as long as I can remember.

As a child my mommy used to make me wear these beautiful dresses with a tulle skirt underneath to give me extra puffiness. So it’s not a surprise that I love tutus especially the ones with more layers of tulle.

JS Edited IMG_5402


I have been looking for the perfect black tutu skirt but just couldn’t find one that I loved. While perusing Instagram I saw my girl Jessica Kane, CEO of Skorch magazine and Creative Director of Society-Plus, rocking a fabulous tutu skirt, so I decided to reach out to her and TADA!!!!!  I finally found the perfect black tutu skirt!
JS Edited IMG_5494


I must admit, I was a little anxious to receive the skirt. I really wanted it to be as voluminous as possible and was concerned that it wouldn’t be. Alas, I’m happy to report that the skirt is everything I was expecting and more! I went with the Premium Tutu skirt which boasts 5  luscious layers of premium tulle. The fit is true to size, and the sizes run from 1x to 6x. I also love the fact that there is an elastic band at the waist to give you room to breathe.
JS Edited IMG_5291

I think tutu skirts are a great addition to a women’s wardrobe. You can create a simple look by wearing it with a shirt or t-shirt. Or you can wear it under a skirt or a dress to give you added volume like I did in our Fashion Week 2016 post (seen here). However, for today’s post I decided to wear my skirt with a stripe black and white t-shirt and a black and gold belt.
JS Edited IMG_5559



Since I was feeling very feminine and flirty, to elevate my look, I wore my gold jacket and added black pumps with gold studs. I can’t wait to see if Society- Plus comes out with this skirt in other colors cause let me tell you, I will definitely be scooping up a few more of them!

Well, as Cindy Lauper sang: “girls just wanna have fun “, and believe me, I’m having  fun twirling around in my  tulle skirt.

JS Edited IMG_5696


Tutu skirt // Top // Gold jacket // Neklace // Belt // pumps

For the Tall babes: Tutu skirts // top

Tah Tah for now,


Spring Stepping

Spring Shoes

Spring is around the corner ladies! This means that we get to kick our dusty winter boots to the curb and step out in our freshest footwear. To get you ready, we compiled a list that will surely have you drooling. So whether you have wider feet, or need the highest heels on the planet, we’ve got you covered!

Our girl Gail loves a good flat. Here’s what she found.

Don’t get me wrong, sky high heels are beautiful and do all kinds of amazing things to one’s legs but they’re not too forgiving to one’s feet.  So, below are some of my fave flats that are also available in wide sizes.
Carina Flat Eloquii
These beauties come in blue, a floral prints and the stripes (shown above). Available in sizes 7w to 12w.
Estella Ball Flat Eloquii
A metallic flat is always a must! They also come in red and black, silver, and also in black and white. Sizes 7W to 12W.
3. Gemstone Peep Toe D’orsay Flats
Torrid sandal
Blinged out toes? Yes please! Available in sizes 7 to 13.
Leslie’s ascribes to the philosophy that higher is better!
If you’re a gal that likes her high heels the way I do, you will love these sexy numbers that will definitely give you an extra wiggle when you walk, not to mention some extra pizzazz to that outfit! One of my fave places to buy shoes is Office; a company out of the UK, and though shipping and duties can be a bit of a drag, for the right “gem” it’s worth it (yes, I am a shoe-aholic!LOL)
4. On To Point Court Heels
office 3
This is just the perfect pump and it boasts a 4.5″ heel. Available in sized 5 to 10.
Office 1
This stunner is such a statement piece. If you’re a size 5 to 9, they could be yours!
office 2
What we have here ladies, is a gorgeous two toned snake gem! Available in sizes 5 to 10.
Let’s talk about stilettos pump and Judy’s fascination with them.

I’m always on the lookout for the best pointed toed pumps that makes my size 11 feet looks sexy. When I found out that Ivanka Trump’s shoe line goes up to size 11, I almost did a back flip LOL. A few months ago, I purchased 2 pairs of Ivanka Trumps Carra Dress Pump. I can’t stress enough how much I love them. They have a perfect tip, are super comfortable (thanks to the cushion found at the ball of the foot) and true to size.

7. Carra Pointed-Toe Pumps


These pumps comes in over a dozen different colors, patterns and materials such as suede, leather and patent. Available in sizes 5 to 11. Also available at Lord & Taylor.

8. Dea Pointed Toe Pump

sam 2


This is another pump that aims to please. Also available in many colors, and up to size 11.5.

9. Hazeley Peep Toe Lace Up High Heel Sandals

peep toe

Nothing screams sexy like a lace up peep toe. These Dolce Vita sandals come in four different colors and from size 6 to 11.

Lastly, tall resident Nancy represents for the ladies with a larger footprint.

I was sitting comfortably at a size 11 until I had my baby. While I was eager to bring on this new life, I was not aware that my feet would further expand! Going from a size 8 to 9? No big deal. But going from 11 to 12?!!?!! That’s a life changing experience! (Dramatic much?? LOL). Thankfully, the extended shoe size offerings continue to improve, but there is definitely more room to grow (pun totally intended).

10. LTS Rome High Leg Leather Gladiator


You’ll be ready to conquer the world in these bad boys. These are available in sizes 9 to 15!

11. Aisha Suede Fringe Sandal


Wedding season will soon be upon us and these sandals will be sure to carry you through! Available in sizes 4 to 12.

12. Shoes of Prey

shoe of prey

Create your own shoe! Stiletto, flats, sandals, chunky heel, the possibilities are really truly endless. Available in size 2 to 15, all your shoe problems are solved!


Alloy Apparel

group IMG_6214

Holiday season got you feeling blue whenever you think about what to wear to all those festive events? Well, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion have teamed up with Alloy Apparel & Accessories to showcase some amazing looks to help get you in a more festive mood. Looks full of sparkle and lace, sequins and shine and a whole lot of fire to heat up your holiday! Alloy Apparel & Accessories has a wide collection of pieces for straight and plus size, as well as pieces for those at the taller end of the height spectrum which can fit into your wardrobe for work and play.

group IMG_6104

Gail’s Look

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose… It’s that time of year again, when the holiday party invitations start rolling in and we ladies run to our closets to find that special something that will put us in a festive mood.

gt IMG_7013

This gorgeous lace dress from Alloy Apparel’s plus size line hits all the right notes.  With its short sleeves and figure hugging silhouette, it’s perfect for that office Christmas party.  Moreover, the length of this dress is spot on for me given I’m on the short side of the height spectrum.  This lovely lace dress also has a little stretch to it as well so it really does hug ones figure wonderfully.

gt IMG_6940


gt IMG_6896

I love the partial open back detail found on the back of the dress so one can show just a bit more skin without being too revealing.  I paired a black moto style jacket with this dress to toughen up the look a bit.  Now I’m ready to sip eggnog and dance the night away!

gt IMG_6654

Dress c/o: Alloy Apparel (also available in Tall !) // Moto Jacket: Forever 21+ // Earrings & Cuff: H&M //

Pumps: Zara // Clutch: eBay


Judy’s Look:js IMG_7272

With the Holiday season fast approaching, trying to find the perfect holiday outfit to hit those parties in style can be daunting for some. Well we’ve joined forces with Alloy Apparel to showcase a few pieces from their holiday collection, that will make everyone believe you are the Obi-Wan Kenobi of holiday fashion finds!

I’m the type of gal that likes to live on a glam high all year long, and this holiday season is no exception.  My look was all about GLAMOUR, lookking FABULOUS and being BOLD! I present to you Cookie Lyons younger sister, Chanel Lyons (for those who watch Empire I know you get me LMAO). While browsing through the Alloy Apparel website I found this lovely sequins champagne wrap dress. The dress is fully lined with a hemline ending just above the knee. The great thing about Alloy is that they cater to all sizes and you can find most items in straight, tall and plus sizes, and you know Fab Four Fashion loves companies that understand that fashion is for all.

js IMG_7259

One thing I must say, I selected my dress size based on the size chart and was surprised to find that when it arrived I had quite a bit of room to spare.  Therefore one can conclude that for this particular item, Alloy is very generous with their sizing. Works for me, cause I’d rather my dress have a little extra room than be too tight. This is an easy fix, the solution, my fave person, my tailor and voila, problem solved. Alternatively, you can always order a size smaller and with the stretchy material you will be fine.  This dress is gorgeous, a total show stopper and will definitely be a hit during the holiday season.  My tall and plus size babes can all dive into this sassy little number too!

js IMG_7400

To complete my Cookie Lyons’ inspired look, LOL, I chose to wear a spotted faux fur leopard print coat which is simply the business and perfect to wear on those cold winter nights. It’s big and its bold and most importantly it’s warm. To finish off my look I paired the dress with my blush patent pumps and long dangly earrings, and of course, my signature red lipstick muah!!!! Here she is the latest cast member of Empire: Cookie’s younger sister CHANEL LYONS!

js IMG_7387

Dress c/o: AlloyApparel  // Coat: The Shopping Channel // Shoes: (old) Aldo find Similar here //  Earrings: (old) H&M find Similar here

Nancy’s Look

nd IMG_7591

For the past couple of weeks, all attention has been on what to wear to parties and rocking the best and fiercest freakum dress. Well what about those dinners with friends, or that get together with family that doesn’t need to be too formal? If you need an outfit for those occasions and your mom’s been begging you to put those jeans away, well here is a great alternative.

nd IMG_7669

This is probably coming to you as no surprise, I went with a sequin number! lol These pants are awesome: simple black jeans in the back and sequins in the front! The jeans half have just the right amount of stretch to ensure great comfort while the front says BAM! Here I am! lol The pants come in 32″ and 37″ inseam which is the perfect length for us long legged ladies. The sizing worked perfectly for me, I consulted the size chart and went with the size closest to my measurements. They have a snug fit but don’t dig in – none of that dreaded muffin top here!

nd IMG_7578

Wanting to mix my materials, I paired my pants with Alloy’s Caroline Lace Zip Back Blouse. I wanted my look to be more on the sassy side so underneath my lace top I wore a tube top with a sweetheart neckline. If you prefer more coverage, you can easily wear the top with a camisole. It has an interesting back, boasting an exposed zipper and fly away back detail. This is another piece that will get many wears in many different settings.

Thanks to the good folks at Alloy Apparel, you now have a great option for those informal affairs where you still want to dazzle!

nd IMG_7834

Pants c/o: Alloy Apparel // Top c/o Alloy Apparel // Shoes: Long Tall Sally

My plus size bombshells, my pants go up to a size 21, but alternatively, you can recreate my look with these pants and that top!

Leslie’s Look

The holiday season is upon us, and I for one have already been making merry at a few holiday shindigs so far! I’ve done the requisite work lunch with the colleagues, the after work dinner with friends (thanks Erum for organizing) and that oh so necessary ugly sweater party (Efua and Chris great party)!  But you always need to have a sexy little number to wear out for that special holiday event. Whether it be that fancy holiday party your significant other invited you to, or heading out to the club for a night out to shake what your mama gave you, you need to have a special piece in your holiday clothing arsenal to fit the bill. This dress, courtesy of Alloy Apparel & Accessories is my not so secret weapon.

LT IMG_6292 re edited

This dress has all the sparkle a girl could ask for without being over the top, with the elegant colour combination of black and gold to lend that air of sophistication. This is a great piece because it is so versatile. Let me tell you how I plan to rock it now, and how I plan to remix it for the future.

So first of all, I’m rocking this dress backwards, yes, backwards. For those of us ladies with a very small bust-line, we often don’t want to wear garments that draws attention to our lack of large “lady lumps”. LOL  As such, wearing this dress with the front, to the back, raises the neckline, while adding a little exposure at the back.

LT IMG_6633

The long slit on the side adds just the right amount of subtle sexiness to the dress to give people a little peep without giving away the whole show, and showing off those long gams. Now for how to keep this dress fresh and new for future events. First, I just know this dress would work fabulously as a mini! After a few wears, I plan to take it on a little trip to the tailor to take the length, up, up, up! For women on the taller side this would be an awesome option for you if the maxi length just doesn’t hit the mark.

LT IMG_6618 re edited

Second wardrobe remix I plan to do with this dress is rock it as a top! A hot leather black pencil skirt would look phenominal withthis dress (a.k.a. top). The lesson here is to think outside the box when it comes to your wardrobe pieces.

One last tip ladies, if you decide this sexy number must come home with you, try going down one size. I’m actually wearing one size smaller than my actual size and it’s just a tiny bit big, but nothing that a tiny nip and tuck won’t fix. Take your measurements, consult the size guide and go one down a size with this one.

Now I’m ready to hit the next holiday bash! I love this time of year and I’m soaking it all in: the fashion, the fun and the festive hum in the air…cause its the most wonderful time of the year!

LT IMG_6419 re edited

Dress: c/o Alloy Apparel // Shoes: BCBG (old), Similar here //

For my curvy ladies: Dress //

Right now ladies, Alloy Apparel is offering a free upgrade to Express Shipping for the holidays!!  You don’t want to miss out!

group IMG_6214

Signing off for now,

The Fab Four

A Long Tall Sally Holiday

grp IMG_4593

As the vertically enhanced pair of Fab Four Fashion, finding garments that fit our longer limbs is definitely a challenge. We continually need to be “creative” with our clothes – read rolled up sleeves or “ankle pants” LOL. Thankfully, many years ago, a UK retailer took notice of our needs and launched Long Tall Sally. This retailer designs clothes for fashionable ladies 5’8″ and over, sizes 4 to 20; even offering footwear options from sizes 9 to 15.

Always staying abreast of tall girl needs and wants, they are bringing you a hot holiday collection which we are pleased to showcase. So tall girls, as your inboxes get flooded with party invitations; have no fear, Long Tall Sally is here. Here are two looks that will be sure to add the perfect dose of sexy to your festive closet.

grp IMG_4593

Nancy’s Look

nd IMG_4699

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The Christmas songs are blaring, the sparkly lights are shining bright and fantastic holiday collections are everywhere! While shopping for specific events like office parties or that first Christmas dinner with the beau’s family can be daunting for anyone, add a couple of extra inches to ones body and that shopping trip can turn into a nightmare. Thankfully, Long Tall Sally is here to come to the rescue.

nd IMG_4865

Let’s start with these sandals, shall we? I know, I know. While shoes are the essential punctuation to a look, they are often discussed towards the end, but these are so hot that they deserve an honorary mention right off the bat! The great folks at DV are awesome for this one! These 4 inch stunners instantly elevate any look. Now, I know that some of my tall sisters are a little hesitant with wearing heels. To that I say, your statuesque frame already stands out! Why not add a few inch of fabulousness to your awesome self! With the added bonus of being comfortable,  these will have you dancing all night long!

nd IMG_4815

And now let’s talk about this dress! I think that it’s no secret that I love sequins. As a matter of fact, I will go as far to saying that every woman should own a sequin item in her closet! And this dress will not disappoint. I have said many times that I like to make clothing my own, and it still holds true here: I am wearing the dress backwards… Wha???? I said what I said! LOL Yes ladies, it’s backwards. I love the elegance of a high neck and the cheeky sexiness of a little peak-a-boo in the back.

nd IMG_4716 - sneak peak

This dress embrace all curves very nicely. The one thing that will keep you on your toes however (other than the fab shoes!) are the sequins on the dress. They like each other so much that they tend to want to kiss one another from time to time… lol. That’s a cute way of saying that the sequins have a tendency to catch on the dress. Then again, since you are in party mode, your arms are not supposed to be down anyway! LOL

To further add interest to my look, I paired my dress with this a faux fur stole. I love the marriage of textures here. Also, ink and eggplant seems to be my favorite colour combination of late. With this level of ho-ho-ho-mazing, be careful not to bump your head against the mistletoe! lol

nd IMG_4895

Dress c/o: Long Tall Sally // Sandals c/o: Long Tall Sally // Fur stole: Long Tall Sally // Jacket: The Bay (sold out); similar here

Plus size chicas, you know that I can’t forget about you right? Get your sequin on with this dress.


grp IMG_4575

Leslie’s Look

lt IMG_5139

Tracee…Ellis…Ross! Style icon, fashionista extraordinaire and the inspiration for this look!

I can still remember the exact moment when my eyes zeroed in on this hot little number on the Long Tall Sally (LTS to us cool kids:-) web site. It had all the elements that I love most about clothing pieces: loose fit, fun detail in the form of the cool fringe, and the black and silver ombre effect that makes me think of a cool print, and we all know by now that I got the feelin’ for the flava of a print!

lt IMG_5176

Now, when you’re ordering something on-line you just never know if the fit will be exactly right? Since it was my first time ordering from LTS (really, what was I waiting for), I was a little concerned about the fit.  While the dress was a little big for me, because of the style, it just worked perfectly. I love to pair this style of relaxed fit dress with a jean jacket or leather jacket to add another layer to the outfit and help add a more structured detail to the overall look. I went with this faux leather cropped jacket I picked up along the way many moons ago because I love the way it adds a little toughness to the look.

lt IMG_5282

Slim girls out there like me know that we are always trying to find new an interesting ways to get pieces to work for us when they were really made for a slightly larger frame. My trick with this dress was, rather than running to my tailor for a nip and tuck,  I threw on a slim belt at the smallest part of my waist to help allow the lines of the dress to fall closer to my frame. I still get the relaxed fit I love, but now the fit is more suited to my frame.

lt IMG_5433

This dress also has great movement to it as well. You get a little bit of that shimmy when you walk accentuating the swing of those hips and from the back, the sway of that booty!:-) The dress is well constructed and did not get crushed even after a night stuffed in my suitcase (don’t ask!:-) This is a great dress for that soiree out on the town when you want to be foxy-classy and sexy-sassy too!

To cap off my look I wore some dangly earrings and a pair of black, silver and tan pumps and i’m ready to go hang with Tracee for the night! Let’s go dancing Tracee!! I need to shake my shimmy in this dress!

lt IMG_5172

Dress: c/o Long Tall Sally // Jacket: H&M (old), Similar here // Shoes: Zara (old), Similar here // Earrings: H&M //

For my sexy plus size sistas: Dress // Jacket //

grp IMG_4633

Till next time!


Nancy & Leslie xoxo


Like A Boss

gt IMG_5520

OH MY GOSH – PURCHASE – those are the words I uttered when I laid eyes on this faux fur coat wonder!  So, of course I immediately retrieved my credit card to make this coat mine.  Ask any of the other ladies of Fab Four Fashion and they will tell you that I’m OBSESSED with faux fur right now.  The different colours and styles they’ve been fashioned into has just had me salivating!

gt IMG_5505


gt IMG_5530

In this coat I imagine myself as Dominique Deveraux seen here in the 80s night time tv drama – Dynasty.  I saunter about like a glama jama unicorn cause no one’s got anything on me, when I’m wearing this coat. Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m a BOSS! LOL

gt IMG_5568


gt IMG_5591

By now you’ve probably guessed that I built this outfit around the coat. LOL  I paired the coat with this nude coloured dress.  Its got great sparkle on the shoulders and a cute peplum at the waist.  I also love that it hits me just a smidge above my knee and folks I didn’t have to pay a trip to the tailor to achieve that – and that my friends, almost never happens.

This dress would be ideal for an office Christmas party as its chic, polished with just the right amount of sparkle.

gt IMG_5781


gt IMG_5776


I rounded out my look with a gold clutch and pumps and silver bangles and dangly earrings.  Oh and BTW, I have no problem mixing my metallics – it’s all good to me.

gt IMG_5905


gt IMG_5667

Coat: The Shopping Channel  (currently on sale!!!)// Dress: New Look (old) Similar here here or here  // Pumps: Nine West (old) Similar here //Earrings & Bangle: H&M // Clutch: eBay // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban 

For my tall sisters here are some options for you –  Coat 1 or Coat 2 // Dress // Pumps (extended size)

Tah Tah for now dahlings!


Fall Lookbook Part 2

IMG_0321 Edited Group kiki

The 70s! The era of the Jackson Five, flared pants, the Jeffersons and funk music. Fashion-wise, the 70s was an era that brought bold colour and daring prints to another level. This era is back in full force on the runways this season and we just couldn’t resist creating the perfect post to showcase these looks. Get ready for the Soul Train line of fashion – the way only Fab Four Fashion knows how to do it.

IMG_0285 Edited Group


IMG_0330 Edited Group

Leslie’s Look

I am so feeling the 70s as some of you may recall from the post I did on this awesome trend seen here!! I love the muted colours the funky prints and of course the mega mini’s. This is one of the trends I was more than eager to jump into for our Fab Four fall foray into this decades modern day inspirations.

IMG_0398 Edited Leslie

This dress speaks to me on so many levels. The mod-ish lines, the muted colours and print and, of course, the mega mini lenth that shows off my gams to perfection are all elements that drew me to this piece! I think every woman should know how to incorporate just the right amount of sexy into a look. Sometimes it’s wearing something figure hugging, sometimes showing a little decolletage, sometimes showing a little (or not so little), leg. I like trying to go for one of these characteristics in each outfit I put together, rather than incorporating them all into one look, and as you can see, my  legs got to take top billing for this look!

IMG_0475 Edited Leslie

To keep me warm on those cooler fall days, I paird this dress with one of my trusty sleeveless coats in a muted colour. It lends an effortless elegant yet relaxed feel to this look that I just love and adds a layer of warmth since, I gotta be real,  I am always cold!LOL  This piece is also great, since it can easily be remixed with so many other pieces in my wardrobe which is something I’m always looking for.

IMG_0412 Edited Leslie

Ladies, let me tell you, if there is only one thing you decide to really invest in this season, let it be a great neutral coloured, knee high boot! I have had these boots which I simply ADORE since 2000! You indeed read correctly; I bought them in 2000! Yes, ladies, I’ve had them for 15 years and am still rocking them! Now, admittedly, I don’t wear them every day and have taken good care of them, but talk about getting a tremendous return on investment! The colour is neutral enough to go with just about everything, and from one fall/winter season to the next, they continue to be a wardrobe staple!

So someone grab the record player…or should it be an eight-track player…and let’s get our 70’s groove on baby!!!!

IMG_0485 Edited Leslie

Dress: Zara // Sleeveless Coat: Zara (old), Similar here // Boots: Mango (ancient), Similar here //

For my curvy chicas: Dress // Sleeveless Cest

Gail’s Look

70s looks dominated the runways for fall and I can certainly understand why.  Think Bianca Jagger’s cool white pants suit or Donna Summer’s sexy sequined outfits – now imagine these looks revamped for today’s sensibilities and you’ve got magic!

IMG_0714 Edited GT

I went for a bold graphic striped print in the form of this dress as seen in so many runway shows for fall.  I just love the pattern and colour combination.  This dress is the ultimate in comfort and flows beautifully over my curves.  I paired this sleeveless dress with this faux leather jacket which works for the unpredictable weather found in fall.  In one day it can go from sunny and blue skies to over cast and breezy.

IMG_0760 Edited GT


IMG_0745 Edited GT

To complete my look I went for these 70s inspired aviator sunglasses and big bold hoop earrings.  I feel like Foxy Brown, the character legendary actress Pam Grier made so famous in the 70s.

IMG_0796 Edited GT

Last but not least is my tri coloured vintage leather hobo bag borrowed from my mama and these cognac coloured pumps.  Friends I’m now ready to strut and fluff my fro and shake my shake my groove thing!

Dress: (sold out) Similar here  here or here// Jacket: Wilson’s Leather // Pumps: Michael Kors (old) Similar here // Purse: Vintage Similar here or here // Sunglasses: DVF (Dian Von Furstenberg) (old) Similar here

For my tall sisters here is a dress option for you – ASOS Tall // Jacket: ASOS Tall

Judy’s Look

IMG_0564 Edited Judy

I‘ve always been a fan of 70’s trends, so it’s quite fitting that we decided to do a post about this era.  My 70s look is inspired by the hit show Charlie’s Angels. I wore my long sleeved dress with a tie-neck collar, and paired it with a faux fur vest to give a little extra oomph to my look.

IMG_0654 Edited Judy

I scored this dress two seasons ago at Suzy Shier at a great price. This dress has a 70’s inspired graphic pattern with colours like burnt orange, black and brown. To complete my look I wore my over the knee leather boots. I got these fabulous boots from Target last year from the Altuzzarra collection. Big feet women of the world, I know you understand me when I say the struggle is real, so when you find your shoe size on the shelf trust and believe you jump on it. LOL That was my story, I saw the last pair of  size 11 boots on the shelf and I pounced on them so fast I didn’t even look at the price tag.

IMG_0516 Edited Judy

Sadly, Target closed its doors a few months ago here in Canada, however I’m glad I was able to score these fabulous boots while they were here.

My look wouldn’t be complete without my Twiggy inspired sunglasses ( a gift from my little sister) and my signature red lipstick.

IMG_0664 Edited Judy


Dress: (old) but find similar here:  Asos and Asos// Sleeveless Fur Vest: Asos // Sunglasses : Asos // Over the knee boots: Amazon or Eloquii

Tall Sisters: Dress: Asos and Asos // Fur vest: Asos // Over the knee boots: Amazon

Nancy’s Look

¨I’m Foxy Cleopatra, and I’m a WHOLE lot of woman!¨ This single sentence takes me to a time when everything was grooovy! LOL The 70s comes with a slew of cult classics, timeless music and fashion that keeps on giving. I love how fashion from the 70s keeps on reappearing in different forms. This fall is no exception.

IMG_0942 Edited Nancy

For me, what’s most important is to prevent these blasts from the past from being too ¨costumey¨. What I mean by that is that, while the inspiration can clearly be seen, current cuts are a must. This is why I absolutely love this skirt. Pencil skirts are always a must and are flattering on all body types. The 70s influence came in the form of the stripes and the front slit. The colour combination is what actually first drew me to the skirt.

IMG_0841 Edited Nancy

I paired my skirt with a black ¨wrap top¨. I used quotations here because this, ¨top¨ is actually a draped open front cardigan that I am wearing as a top. Do we notice a trend here? Always staying to true to my ‘clothes-remixing’ self!

IMG_0833 Edited Nancy

The skirt is definitely the star of the outfit for me, however, these boots do get an honourable mention! I got them many moons ago at Long Tall Sally. I eyed them for what seemed like an eternity and bought them as soon as they were on sale (Shout out to Angelica, the most awesome LTS saleslady ever who kept her finger on the price pulse along with me!!!). They are chic and comfortable. What else could I ask for!

IMG_0909 Edited NancySkirt: Topshop // Top: Ann Taylor (old) similar here // Boots: Dolce Vita (old); similar here

Plus size divas, recreate my look with this skirt, top and wide calf boots!

Special thanks to Roseline Bonheur for these beautiful photos!!

That’s all for now! Let us know how you’re getting your 70s groove on by hashtagging your own 70s inspired look on Instagram and/or Twitter using #fabfourfashionapproved

LB2 - Gr - IMG_0307


~The Fab Four

Fine Glass of Wine

gr 2347


“Would you like a glass of wine?” is never a question that needs to be asked. “Red or white?” is a better one! As fashion lovers, we do enjoy partaking in some of the finer things in life, and wine is surely one of them. A glass of wine or two when we get together to discuss our next business move always makes the time fly and adds just a little more fun!

GR 6807

The ladies of Fab Four Fashion took a little jaunt up to Niagara-on-the-Lake to enjoy some of Ontario’s finest and of course, just had to do it in style. So, grab a glass of wine, sit back, relax and enjoy our latest post!

Gail’s Look

Being able to tour a winery and learn all that goes into the wine making process, for me, makes enjoying a glass of wine all that more satisfying.  For our winery tour, the watch words for me were comfort & style.

GT-2991 edit complete


Comfort equaled loafers.  These black patent loafers were like walking on a bed of clouds and made managing the terrain on the winery that much easier to navigate.

GT 2916

GT 2955

My polka dot long shirt along with the striped skirt are both cotton and therefore breathable for those warm summer days.  For a pop of colour I added this lemon yellow chain link strap purse.

Leslie and I also wanted to highlight the fact that although we have very different body types my outfit translates perfectly to her frame and vice versa.  Don’t be afraid to try something a little outside of your comfortable.

LT & GT Back to Back


Shirt: Old Navy (old) Similar here // body con skirt: Old Navy ( old) Similar here // Loafers: Forever 21 (old) Similar here // Purse: Tory Burch (old) Similar here //

For my tall babes, see Leslie’s outfit further down in the post.

Judy’s look

JS 2522

Over the years my appreciation of wine has certainly increased. I really enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at work or while I’m watching my fav shows “Scandal”. I’m partial to a glass of chilled white, and since I am a foodie and love to try new and exciting recipes, I’m always looking for a great new bottle of white wine to pair with a meal. You can catch me in the kitchen pouring wine while I’m cooking (a la Julia Child). I find that wine just gives a recipe a little extra kick and makes it perfect. Ok I digress, but I just can’t help talking about my other passion GOOD FOOD LOL.

JS 2606

For our winery outing I opted for something cute and simple because walking thru the vineyards and wine tasting always seems to be that much more enjoyable when you’re comfortable. I wore my flowy checkered black and white skirt and a soft orange sleeveless turtleneck to add a pop of color.

JS 2647

To accessorize my look, I went with gold cuffs and a thin leather gold belt, because I just love gold and orange together, I find they marry well. I left-off my usual stilettos for this one and put on my favorite comfy camel color chunky heeled strappy sandals.

I grabbed my purse, put on some lipstick, took a second look in the mirror and baby that girl was looking fine like a glass of wine! LMAO

JS 2670

Skirt: (old) Gap find similar here // sandals: (old) DSW find similar here // Sleeveless turtleneck: (old) Zara find similar here // Gold Cuff: Forever 21// Purse: (old) Zara find similar here

For my tall ladies: skirt // top // sandals


Leslie’s Look

Picture it, warm balmy weather, wide open spaces, a terrace with cozy seating and a picturesque back drop….this is the image that springs to mind when I think of going to a winery and of course, we cannot leave out the best part, sampling the selection of wines on offer!

LT 3406

My look for a romp at a winery mirrors my tastes when it comes to wine: sweet , cool, and crisp. I want to feel relaxed and comfortable as I go ambling through the sellers of some of Ontario’s Finest vineyards. As you can no doubt tell, this girl, who is usually all about her bright bold colours, decided to switch it up by going with a black and white palette for my look. The oversized men’s shirt is the perfect piece to allow me the freedom of movement to really knock those glasses of wine back!LOL  It’s comfortable and perfectly in keeping with the current trend towards women rocking menswear inspired pieces.

LT 3256

The geometric print tube skirt I chose to rock with my look hugs my every curve and is the perfect feminine contrast to the masculinity of the shirt. To this I then added some more fun print in the form of these check print flats from Kate Spade (thanks Kate), and this sexy black shoulder bag with a funky chain detail.

LT 3326

To give my look just a tini–wini  bit of colour I chose to wear this fun red wooden bangle. An oldie but a goodie. There are just some accessories in my wardrobe that I just can never part with, regardless of how long I’ve had them or how many times I’ve rocked them!

So, hears to your health and your own adventures in wine country! Cheers!

LT 3348

Shirt:  Zara // Skirt: Zara (sold out), Similar here // Shoes: Kate Spade (sold out), Similar here // Handbag: Zara //

For my plus size sexy sistas, please scroll up and check out my girl Gail’s look! We were twinsies!:-)

Nancy’s Look

Niagara-on-the-Lake is always one of my favorite spots to visit. It’s a beautiful and quaint town, but more importantly, there’s an unlimited amount of amazing wines! Since it was a nice warm day and I was feeling particularly chippy, I decided to go for an explosion of color!

ND 7092

Since there was going to be a lot of walking around, I decided to wear a light weight tunic. Now, let me level with you for a second… This dress is on the short side! That’s what tends to happen when you’re shopping while tall at stores not dedicated to us. I loved the print so much that I decided to nab it anyway. I sometimes wear it as a top, but when I do wear it as a dress, I “protect my assets” by wearing shorts, you know, in case I drop something that I actually want to pick up! lol

ND 7219

I continued my color blast with a bright fuchsia purse and a yellow belt to cinch my waist.

ND 7280With that, I was ready to enjoy good food, good company and great wine. Cheers!!

ND 6956

Tunic: Urban Outfitters (old); similar here and here // Shoes: Crown Vintage (old) ; similar here // Purse: Kate Spade

My plus size divas can recreate my look with this fab dress which is currently on sale! *Score*


The Fab Four