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Spring is around the corner ladies! This means that we get to kick our dusty winter boots to the curb and step out in our freshest footwear. To get you ready, we compiled a list that will surely have you drooling. So whether you have wider feet, or need the highest heels on the planet, we’ve got you covered! Our girl Gail loves a good flat. Here’s what she found. Don’t get me wrong, sky high heels are beautiful and do all kinds of amazing things to one’s legs but they’re not

Three little words…Fab…Four….Fave! It’s Friday, for some it’s payday, but for the Fab Four it’s “fave-day”! This week’s instalment is brought to you by Judy who will be giving us the inside scoop on what to her eye on!   It’s Judy coming at you with what I’m currently craving.  In 7 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes and about 56, 55, 54…seconds, I’ll be departing the 6ix to visit my favourite city in the world, the one and only concrete jungle, a.k. the Big Apple known broadly to mankind as

Now ladies, haven’t we all been in the situation where we go out to a cool, trendy venue, in our drop-dead gorgeous killer heels and less than half way through the event you find yourself thinking: “what kind of stupid event is this that doesn’t have any place to sit” and “when can we go so I can get these ridiculous shoes off my poor, aching feet”?! Well ladies, I know I’ve been there and while I adore my stilettos – the higher the better, I love my feet too