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Jennifer Hudson, Angelina Jolie and Coco Rocha are just some of the celebrities who’ve worn and loved Greta Constantine.  Co-Founded by Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, 10 years ago, this design duo is at the pinnacle of Canadian fashion.  The ladies of Fab Four Fashion were beyond thrilled to be wearing their gorgeous designs and to feature them on another Canadian staple – Cityline! Leslie’s Look GLAM – OR – OUS! That is what Greta Constantine denotes, connotes and invokes! Someone please give me a pulpit because I feel like

Mother: noun  moth·er \ˈmə-thər\ – a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.  Only scratches the surface in terms of how much mothers mean to us.  They are there during our glorious up and are also there to console us during our lowest lows. They encourage us to believe in ourselves and go after our dreams.   While no token our gift can compare to all that mothers mean to us below are offer some ideas below to recognize and honour of mothers. Victor & Rolf Flower

Stripes, the bain of some women’s existence and a big supposed “no no” for plus size women.  Well, I say nuts to that! I’m a firm believer that one should wear what one wants!  This first look is from Reb Dolls.  I love this online retailer because they take a no holds bar approach to plus size fashions.  If you “dare to wear” body con dresses or crop tops, Reb Dolls will hook you up. I quite honestly would never have worn a crop top let alone a crop top

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