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The ladies of Fab Four Fashion recently had the wonderful opportunity of appearing on Karlyn Percil‘s television program, SisterTalk airing on Afro Global TV.  Karlyn, a former financial industry executive, is an author, speaker, and leadership coach, who appeared on Oprah’s Life Class. She has made it her mission to help women realize their self-worth and reach their dreams!

When Karlyn reached out to us, we jumped at the chance to appear on her show so we could discuss our passion for fashion and our deep commitment to furthering the body positivity and body diversity movement!

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Gail’s Look

I was truly honoured to appear on Karlyn Percil’s SisterTalk tv program along with the other ladies of Fab Four Fashion.  It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss with Karlyn, and her viewing audience, two topics that is near and dear to our hearts – body positivity and of course fashion.

One of the chief reasons the ladies and I were so eager to start our blog, one that focused on 4 different body types, was so that we could champion the idea that ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES no matter the size, shape or colour.  Also, we wanted to help women who have bodies that are not “off the rack” find stylish clothing that speaks to who they are.

With that, let’s get to my SisterTalk debut outfit.  Every women should own a simple crisp white button-down shirt.  It can be dressed up or down and really is the work horse in a woman’s wardrobe.

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I rolled up the sleeves to make it look a little less stuffy.  Next came this awesome sequined skirt from Eloquii.  By now, you all should know that I’m IN LOVE WITH SEQUINS and that my go to online retailer of choice is Eloquii. They just always get it right.GT Edited IMG_9513

To continue the sparkle, I added a little bling at the neckline with this statement necklace.  The final touch were these simple silver wedges.  With that my friends, my outfit is complete.GT Edited IMG_9887

Shirt: Jones New York (sold out) similar here // Skirt: Eloquii (sold out) similar here or here // Necklace: eBay // Cuff: Forever 21 // Wedges: Old Navy (old) similar here //

For my tall sisters, here is a shirt and skirt option for you: Shirt // Skirt


Judy’s Look

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When you get invited by the gorgeous tv host Karlyn Percil to appear on her show, SisterTalk, to discuss body positivity, body diversity and of course fashion, you have to come ready to slay.

I departed from my usual signature look, to try on a fitted dress with a touch of flare –both literally and figuratively!  I chose this dress because it describes a few traits of my personality, which is fun, feminine, and fancy.   This dress is cute and satiny and would be perfect for a cocktail wedding, tea party, and definitely appropriate for our first tv interview.

JS Edited IMG_8733

I scored this dress a few months ago at Forever 21 in the plus size section. I was a bit shocked to find it since it’s not the usual style I see at this store.  Nevertheless I was quite excited when I happened upon it, and at an affordable price too. I’m not usually a big fan of floral print, but the big pink and silver flowers printed on top of the dark blue dress, is a match made in heaven.
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To polish off my look, I opted to keep it simple by wearing a mix of pearls and a beaded necklace.  The pearl earrings which I received for my birthday a few years ago, is something I truly cherish. To accentuate my waist line I wore a tiny gold belt and my blush pumps.  Please note: these pumps were one of the best shoe investments I’ve ever made LOL.

A first time tv interview can be nerve wrecking, but the right attitude, a killer outfit and your confidence level on 10, will make this experience a positive one and leave an everlasting first impression.

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Dress: Forever21 (find similar here and here) // Pumps: Aldo // necklace: eBay (find similar here) // Pearl earrings: find similar here //Belt

Tall babes: dress

Nancy’s Look

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We are very passionate about everything body diversity, therefore, we could not pass up the opportunity to have a great discussion with Karlyn on Sister Talk.

I never pass up the opportunity to discuss the difficulties that I have encountered growing up tall and how I surmounted them in hopes of encouraging and helping out a fellow tall sister. Our gracious host was great about navigating topics from online shopping, to social media and everything in between.

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Since I was going to discuss body positivity, I had to wear a garment from a brand that understands longer limbs! A staple in every tall girl’s shopping arsenal is, without a doubt, Long Tall Sally.  This place is my go-to when I need a great fitting pair of pants that cover every single one of my inches. And once again, they saved the day!

These printed palazzo pants are stylish, breezy and comfortable, all while looking extra chic. They fit nicely as a high waist, however, I found that, when higher waisted, the length of the pants would be better suited for flats. Since I wanted to wear heels, I opted to go a size up where it fits nicely at my true waist. These pants will take you from lights, camera, action to a nice stroll in the park in 2.5 seconds flat! Just swap out the top and shoes and you’re good to go!


ND Edited IMG_9139Wanting to make my pants the center of attention, I decided to wear a clean white crop top. To further elevate my look, I added a healthy dose of accessories with a bib necklace, cuff earring and more silver bracelets. My pop of color came via my lippie and yellow pumps.

Once again, I am sincerely grateful to Afro Global TV and Sister Talk for having us and for being so welcoming. Wishing all much continued success!

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Pants: long tall sally // Top: Zara // Shoes: Nordstrom (sold out); similar here

Plus size girls, you can recreate my look with these pants and that top.

Leslie’s Look

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It’s our Sister Talk debut! We were so excited to share our message of body positivity with the viewers of Sister Talk. And of course for this TV appearance, I wanted to rock a hot look that expressed my personality! My outfit was all about colour and texture.

LT Edited IMG_9792

You may recall the top I’m wearing from our “Prints, Stripes and Neon” post here. You know I love versatility in my wardrobe and this top gets double duty as a vest and a top when tucked in just so. I wanted a piece that would pop on camera and give my skin a nice sun-kissed glow!

LT Edited IMG_9623

I wanted to pair my look with another colour that compliments it so well. This blue textured skirt with its flared shape offers a great contrast to the colour of the top and adds just the right amount of visual interest to take this look up a notch.

To accessorize this look, I wanted to bring the bling! So I wore this beautiful sparkly necklace with simple earrings and a cool cuff to add some shine to my wrist. Now, you all know I love my high heels , so there’s no surprise that I pulled out some stiletto’s with a cool multi colour print that draws on some of the colours in my look.

So, as they say, lights, camera, action! I am ready for my close up baby!

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Top: Cur Collection (sold out), Similar here // Skirt: H&M (sold out), Similar here // Shoes: Office (old), Similar here // Clutch: Nine West //

For my sexy plus size sistas: Top // skirt //

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Tah Tah for now!

The Fab Four

It’s Handled

In addition to a passion for fashion, the Fab Four Fashion ladies are quite fond of the ABC show Scandal. Not only does Shonda Rhimes’ addictive plots have the ladies hooked, but Olivia Pope’s wardrobe keeps them locked and tuning in week after week. The “fits” (see what I did there?), the jackets, the purses, oh my! In case you do not watch the show, please understand that this lady’s closet is so swoon-worthy that the Limited has come up with its second edition for the Scandal inspired line and articles of clothing continue to fly off the shelves. We just can’t seem to get enough.  Since the season finale is just around the corner, the ladies are bidding (temporarily) adieu by transforming into Gladiators! Watch how we inject our styles and personalities while channeling the one and only Olivia Pope.

Episode 1: It’s Good to be Kink (starring Leslie)

Olivia Pope

One word….SLAY! That is what a Gladiator does and that is how this outfit makes me feel; like I can handle any situation, fell any Goliath that comes my way. You just never know what life will throw at you, so I believe that in every woman, and man’s clothing arsenal should be at least one outfit that you can throw on and feel confident that you’re ready to “TCB” at any event. You know what the infamous “they” say: dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

Olivia Pope

My Olivia Pope inspired look draws on Liv’s love of beautiful coats and her leaning toward wide leg trousers and neutral tones, but, with a Leslie twist!

I kept the base colour palette for this look tone on tone gray, keeping in mind that Ms Pope is often seen wearing ensembles that are very subdued and conservative in both colour and style. I then layered on a simply divine camel coloured sleeveless coat, belted at the waist to accentuate that area.

Olivia Pope

Now for the twist! This look just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give it a little zing, so I slipped on these fabulous leopard print pumps and added this stunning necklace to add that Leslie flare! But, the piece de resistance was my F-R-O! I needed to add some “kink” to this look to make it all about me (sorry Liv)!  Now I’m ready to handle B613 sized problems, or just deciding between Fits or Jake! (wink-wink)

Olivia Pope

Sleeveless Coat: Zara (old), Similar here or here // Sweater: Joe Fresh (sold out on-line), Similar here // Pants: Zara (old), Similar here or  here // Shoes: Office (old), Similar here or here // Necklace: Stella & Dot // Handbag: Louis Vuitton //

For my curvy ladies: Coat: ASOS Curve or Simply Be  // Sweater: Alfani or Simply Be Option 1  or Simply Be Option 2 //  Pants: Simply Be  //

Episode 2: White Hat’s Back On (starring Nancy)

When I think of Olivia Pope’s style, I think class, sophistication and just straight boss. The other thing that comes to mind is the color white. So much white. White hats, that phenomenal Burberry caped dust coat she wore on season 3 (yes, I still remember that coat!); basically Livy loves white. So, naturally, I had to pull out my white suit for this!

This suit is the suit of my life! It was tailor made during a trip to Thailand. I absolutely love it. Ms Pope would probably have paired her white suit with a neutral, but I had to add a dash of color to stay true to myself. First, the cowl neck sleeveless blouse is a staple – it works really well for a business casual work environment and is a nice alternative to the dress shirt.

Then we have the very yummy red Gucci purse. This baby commends attention and sets off the outfit nicely. Since I had my blast of color fix satisfied, I kept the shoe in a neutral pallet to let the other pieces take centre stage.

Suit: Tailor made; similar here, here and here // Blouse: Jones New York; similar here and here // Shoes: Nine West (old); similar here, here and here // Purse: Gucci

The plus size babes already know that they can rock a mean white suit as demonstrated by our very own Gail in her Black and White Story post. Get yours here and set it off with this printed cowl neck top.

Episode 3: Where’s the Black Lady? (starring Gail)

I’m right here and of course looking oh so fly!  I was hooked on ABC’s hit show, Scandal, from the word Go!  Not only was I loving the power and confidence Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, exuded but the outfits were in a word “Stellar!”

Olivia Pope

My Gladiator armour came in the form of a gray dress and crisp white shirt.  The dress, by City Chic, also came with a matching jacket but I decided to forgo the jacket and sling this powdery blue coat across my shoulders Vogue editor style.


Olivia Pope

Olivia’s looks veer towards classic, paired down looks that are at the same time very luxurious.  This feeling is also carried through to her accessories.  I kept in that same vein by wearing simple silver knot stud earrings and a double strand Tiffany necklace and bracelet.

Olivia Pope

And of course last but not lease is the bag.  Liv is never without a gorgeous Prada tote purse so of course I had to whip out mine to complete the look.

Olivia Pope

Dress: City Chic (old) Similar here and here // Coat: Marks & Spencer (sold out) Similar here and here // Shirt: Old Navy (sold out) Similar here // Shoes: Zara (old) Similar here //Purse: Prada //Earrings: Ebay // Necklace: Tiffany //Bracelet: Tiffany //Sunglasses: Ray Ban

For my tall divas out there here are some options so you can recreate my look.

Dress: The Limited //Coat: New Look

Judy’s Look

Episode 4: Gladiators Don’t Run (starring Judy)

That’s right, I don’t LMAO!!

For my Ode to Pope I wanted a look that represents her amazing classic wardrobe but with a bit of my touch. She is often portrayed with nice capes or long coats with her remarkable designer handbags.

Instead of wearing a light colored outfit like Olivia Pope, I chose to wear an outfit revolving around darker tone such as eggplant and black. I started with a knee-length  fitted classic eggplant dress and a three quarter sleeve black belted coat. To make my look more Capitol Hill ready, I added a pair of black 3″ t-strap heels, with a Ralph Lauren purse. Of course, I couldn’t forget the long leather gloves. Look at me now. Don’t I look like a real gladiator in a suit?


Dress: Asos (old); similar here and here // Shoes: Nine West (old); similar here //Coat: Old Navy (old); similar here // Leather gloves: Club Monaco (old); similar EBay // Purse: Ralph Lauren find similar EBay

For my Tall Gladiator Sister’s out there here is what I found for you

Dress and shoes that goes up to size 12

In our Olivia Pope Voice: You don’t get to run. You’re a Gladiator. Gladiators don’t run, they fight, they slay dragons, they wipe off the blood, they stitch up their wounds, and they live to fight another day.

And Scene

~Fab Four Gladiators