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  When the Fab Four Fashion ladies go out, we often like to make it an event! We decided to forgo our martinis and cosmos this time, for something a little more on the hot and steamy side: high tea! High tea or afternoon tea can really be looked upon as an art!  From which teas one drinks to how long the tea is steeped to how the bite size delicacies are presented, there can be much pomp and circumstance, and we were more than happy to indulge. All this

Jeans…denim… dungarees! A fashion trend that has spanned the globe and continues to be a favorite among young and old alike!  Invented over 100 years ago, jeans are that one fashion item that has run the gamut from being synonymous with the poor working class to a symbol of wealth and affluence solely based on the name on the label.  Talk about a fashion renaissance!  I know many women can have a love/hate relationship with jeans, but the secret is to not stop looking until you’ve unearthed the perfect pair. Don’t

The temperature is rising and so are the hemlines!  The ladies of Fab Four Fashion could not wait to break out their summer best and the “best” includes shorts.  Watch as they don their favourite pairs of shorts and remix them to suit their unique styles and bodies. Gail’s Look When I laid eyes on this geo print crochet trimmed roper I thought to myself, “Maybe this is the time to revisit shorts.”  I haven’t worn shorts in about 10-15 years so as you can imagine that I was a

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