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We, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion, not only share  a passion for fashion, we love our makeup! Finding the perfect lipstick can some times be daunting however finding a lipstick that works for all of us is like finding the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!   In our first makeup video we share with you  great tips on how we personalize the MAC’s matte lipstick in the shade Flat Out Fabulous. Leslie Leslie keeps it easy peasy by simply applying in MAC’s Flat Out

It is officially fall. The season of cooler temperatures, muted candy coloured leaves, and wood-smoke scented breezes. In this our third, and final, installment of our Fab Four “September Issue”, we bring  you layered looks to keep you styling and profiling this season! Check out how the Fab Four “layer-up” for fall/winter 2015. Gail’s look Take my breath away…who remembers that way back track huh?  This song was the inspiration for my laid back relaxed look – Top Gun baby!  Picture it, I’m strutting confidently across the tarmac as fog

What can I say about royal blue? This delicious colour, also known as the Queen’s blue, is the perfect fit for a queen bee like me LOL. I just love this shade of blue so much; it’s so chic and majestic! I discovered this dress a few years ago on the ASOS website and pounced on it immediately. I could not let a  find such as this slip through my fingers!   However, in order to get this dress, I encountered a slew of obstacles. First the company sent me

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