Flat Out Fabulous

flat lay IMG_0100

We, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion, not only share  a passion for fashion, we love our makeup! Finding the perfect lipstick can some times be daunting however finding a lipstick that works for all of us is like finding the proverbial pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!


In our first makeup video we share with you  great tips on how we personalize the MAC’s matte lipstick in the shade Flat Out Fabulous.


LT IMG_0118

Leslie keeps it easy peasy by simply applying in MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous matte lipstick shines bright like a diamond!

GT IMG_0131

Gail radiates in Flat Out Fabulous and lines her lips with MAC’s lipliner in Fashion Boost to prevent lipstick bleed.

JS IMG_0189

Judy keeps her lips moisturized with Blistex lip balm and follows by lining her lips with MAC’s lipliner in Fashion Boost like Gail.

ND IMG_0219

Nancy makes the lipstick shade work for her by using MAC’s lipliner in Night Moth et voila she’s looking like a million bucks!


Ta Ta for now,

The Fab Four

Fall Lookbook Part 3

gr IMG_1609

It is officially fall. The season of cooler temperatures, muted candy coloured leaves, and wood-smoke scented breezes. In this our third, and final, installment of our Fab Four “September Issue”, we bring  you layered looks to keep you styling and profiling this season!

Check out how the Fab Four “layer-up” for fall/winter 2015.

gr IMG_1641

Gail’s look

Take my breath away…who remembers that way back track huh?  This song was the inspiration for my laid back relaxed look – Top Gun baby!  Picture it, I’m strutting confidently across the tarmac as fog rolls in with me wearing a gorgeous smokey gray leather jacket with wool collar trim!  I’ve got my aviators at the ready as I board my fighter jet!  Ok so I won’t be hopping onto any fighter jet but you catch my drift.  LOL

gt IMG_1497

The jump off for this look was the jacket.  This jacket is THE JACKET OF MY WHOLE LIFE!  I found it while perusing Beyond the Rack, an online sample sale site, and had to have it.  It was tucked away in the “My Curvy Closet” section of the site.  Once again, I really like how online sample sale sites are providing PERMANENT plus size clothing selections to better serve their diverse customer base.  See fashion industry it’s not hard!

gt IMG_1408

I love the fact that this jacket is cropped as it hits me right at the top of the hip so that my God given “ass-ets” aren’t hidden. LOL

gt IMG_1480

Speaking of assets, these denim jeans are the truth!  Once again, Old Navy came through for me.  Almost all of my jeans are from this store.  Now, I know finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans can be pure hell – trust I know the struggle is real but oh so worth it.

gt IMG_1468

These jeans are jeggings with some distressing detail.  The final touches are the aviators, of course, my wedge boots and a clutch to hold all my necessities.

Mr. Cruise I’m ready for my film debut in Top Gun 2.0!

Jacket: Beyond the Rack (old) Similar here // Tank top: Forever 21+ // Jeans: Old Navy or here // Earrings: eBay // Clutch: Zara // Wedge boots: Zara (old) Similar here or here //

For my tall glamazons here are some options for you – Jacket // Tank top // Jeans


Judy’s look

ju IMG_1204

I love the all black everything sexy, classy, chic look and I went for it. I occasionally struggle to find what I’m going to wear in fall.  I’ll turn my closet upside down trying to come up with something. To be honest I’m still trying to adjust to the change in temperature…I’m just not ready for the fall season. Lol

ju IMG_1303

With this look I went with the theory of less is more. This timeless look is perfect for fall and gave me that confidence without having to do too much. Investing in classic pieces is so essential especially on those days when you don’t know what to wear.

ju IMG_1245

For this look I went for a femme fatale look. I paired my pencil faux leather skirt with a simple fitted black turtle neck with a pair of black pumps and my ¾ tweed vest. To add a little excitement to my look I added a full earring cuff and my pink candy yum yum lipstick for the perfect pout.

ju IMG_1220

Skirt: Zara// Turtleneck: Zara // vest: Zara (old) similar here // Earring (H&M) find similar here // lipstick: Mac

Far my tall Conquerors : Skirt// Turtleneck and Vest

I grab my sunglasses and I’m ready to conquer the world!


Nancy’s Look

Tis the season for layering. Fall is so unpredictable, so having multiple layers is the best way to conquer the day. For this week’s edition of our lookbook, I was inspired by the boys! This is yet another trend of this season, but does it really ever go away though? As far as I’m concerned, menswear inspired looks are always in.

nd IMG_1772

Blazers are a fall must have. They go well with most things and, most importantly, it’s a stylish way to keep the chills at bay! I love this blazer because of its structure. I’ve had it for many years and it still looks fresh and current. I paired my blazer with this fun polka dot fitted boyfriend shirt. I can predict that this item will also have many wears!

nd IMG_1870

And finally, the star of this outfit is these booties! I found them at the Gap and did a little dance! I saw them at the store in a size 10. For an unknown reason, I decided to try them on. They didn’t fit, but surprisingly, they weren’t crazy tight! So I ordered them online in the size 11 (because of course they don’t actually carry the larger sizes in store… The Gap, please show us big footed babe some love by stocking our size in store please?!? *end rant* LOL). They are soooo comfortable, the color is awesome and I absolutely love them.

nd IMG_1717

One of the recurring comments found in the reviews section is that these boots make the feet look big. While that may be true, I came to terms with this sometime ago. Old Nancy would have returned the boots based on this alone. New Nancy says: Yes! I am tall and I have bigger feet! They allow me to go about my business and help support my statuesque frame, so I am not going to bash them! So I say, screw it, go on with your big feet! So whether it be stilettoes, kitty heels (they’ve been getting a beating lately… LOL), or shoes that make your feet look big, wear what makes YOU comfortable and happy! *gets off soap box* LOL

nd IMG_1846

Blazer: Ann Taylor (old); similar here // Shirt: Gap (sold out); similar here // Jeans: Levi’s // Boots: Gap

Plus size babes, recreate my look with this blazer, this shirt and these jeans!

Leslie’s Look

What fall/winter season would truly be a fall/winter season without a little fur, or faux fur, to add warmth, texture and panache to a look! It can be the perfect opening volley for any outfit you plan to rock this fall. Then, add a foundation of black leather and some knock’em dead booties and ladies, ding-ding-ding, we have a winner!

lt IMG_1096

The catwalks were filled with fur and leather during last spring’s fall/winter fashion week shows and these decadent pieces were a feast for the eyes that I gorged on unrepentantly! And though I had a fun filled summer, I cannot say that I regret having to dress for the cooler temperatures when I get to slip into these sexy pieces.

lt IMG_1135

The foundation of this look is this leather long-sleeved shirt that I purchased many moons ago but continues to stand the test of time. The sleeves were originally more bell shaped, but I had my trusty tailor give them a little nip and tuck. I wanted to pull a little Tracee Ellis Ross action by doing leather top to bottom recalling the gorgeous leather jumpsuit she sported for the Billboard Music Awards, so I paired the leather shirt with these faux leather pants that hug my curves in all the right places.

lt 1150

Since I did not want this look to fade to black, I knew I just had to fall into the fur. This faux fur vest adds  another layer of texture and visual interest that helps to break up all the black. I added this skinny tan belt to help define my waist and my version of “Kinky Boots” that are the embodiment of   all things hot to me (ya, I guess you can say I kinda like ‘em;-)LOL

The accessories were simple: gold rectangular shaped earrings and this quilted shoulder bag and I’m armed and ready to meet cooler temperatures!

lt IMG_1137

Vest: Zara // Leather Shirt: Danier (old), Similar here // Pants: Zara // Booties: Michael Kors (old), Similar here // Handbag: Zara //

For my plus size perfect ladies: Vest // Shirt/Jacket  / Pants 1 or Pants 2

Special thanks to Roseline Bonheur for her amazing photography!


gr IMG_1542


The Fab Four

Oh Baby You Are Royal Blue!!!

j - IMG_5585

j - IMG_5526

What can I say about royal blue? This delicious colour, also known as the Queen’s blue, is the perfect fit for a queen bee like me LOL. I just love this shade of blue so much; it’s so chic and majestic! I discovered this dress a few years ago on the ASOS website and pounced on it immediately. I could not let a  find such as this slip through my fingers!

j - IMG_5561


However, in order to get this dress, I encountered a slew of obstacles. First the company sent me the wrong size; the second time around they sent me the wrong dress. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a persistent nature, so I tried one last time to get my dress and the third time was a charm! ASOS sent me this gorgeous dress on the third try, and finally, it was the right one! Thank God the dress was still available after all that.  The price of the dress also went down during all this back and forth and ASOS was kind enough to give me an additional discount for their slip-ups. Hey, I get it, things happen and I don’t hold anything against them, if I did I would not have half of the clothes in my wardrobe LOL.

j - IMG_5579

Once I finally received this fabulous dress, I did a little victory dance to celebrate its arrival (picture Victor Cruz in the end-zone after a touchdown).  To date, this dress has served its purpose very well. I’ve worn it to a couple of events and every time I wear it, it feels brand new again.  A quick change up of my accessories, belt and shoes, and BOOM, feels like a fresh new look.

Royal Blue Collage

Today, I decided to wear my royal blue baby  with the  original belt it came with, my ever “blazin” stone diamond necklace and, like every queen needs a crown, I had to add my crowning glory to this outfit too; and this time my crown is not on top of my head, but rather, on my feet! LOL Check out these snake-print babies … Oh yeah! Another great find from the good folks at ASOS. I must admit that at first, I was a bit sceptical about ordering shoes from them since I had never ordered this type of item from them before.  When I stumbled across these babies a few months ago though, I decided to take a leap of faith and order them.

PicMonkey Collage Judy Blue Dress


I was extremely pleased with these shoes! They are the perfect pointy stiletto that I OH SO LOVE and they make my legs look so sexy and long. I think these pink, black and white snake print pumps are the perfect compliment to my royal blue dress. The pop of color in these shoes makes the dress stand out even more. I topped off my look with my Candy Yum Yum lipstick from MAC.  I grabbed my black and white clutch and was out! Besides my chariot awaits and I don’t want to make my King wait!;-)

j - IMG_5562


Dress (old) Asos find similar here // Shoes: Asos // Necklace: Ebay  // Clutch (old) find similar here

And for my tall slender queens here is what I found for you dress: here and here

Tah Tah for now,


Wedding Flow

gr - IMG_6001

gr - IMG_5897

It’s the season for tying the knot, getting hitched and exchanging vows and saying “I dos”.  The ladies of Fab Four Fashion look forward to celebrating friends or family members who have found that perfect someone to start a new life with! Join us as we give you the inside scoop on what we’re wearing to formal or casual nuptials.

Nancy’s Look

n - IMG_6102

The birds are chirping, the flowers have bloomed, and love is in the air. This means only one thing: do NOT get caught out there, have your wedding outfits ready!

n - IMG_6673

There are always a number of things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding outfit, but the setting is probably the most important. For this wedding look, I opted for a long, maxi dress. But long does NOT mean boring! The satin finish of this dress brings out the elegance while the pockets and print make it youthful and fun. The deep V ensures that a dash of sexy is provided!

n - IMG_6399

I got this fantastic Taessa Chorny dress many years ago and it continues to be one of my favorites. Not only is the dress gorgeous, but Taessa is also a darling and great to work with. This is a timeless dress that comes out to play once in a while – I’d wear it monthly if you let me… LOL! I let the dress do all the talking and kept my accessories on the “tame” side…  Just a stack of gold bangles and some gold earrings and I am good to go!

n - IMG_6736

Dress: Taessa Chorny (old); similar here and here // Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (old); similar here and here // Earrings: H&M (old); similar here // Bangles Set: similar here 

For my plus size bombshells, check out these options if you’d like to recreate my look: here and here!


Gail’s Look

Another wedding season is upon us.  It’s a privilege to witness two people you care about come together to start a life together.  For me such a special occasion means getting to play dress up!

g - IMG_9197

I wanted to wear a bold colour and a print to keep things youthful and fun!  This purple body con dress hit the mark and perfectly accentuated by curves.

g - IMG_8984

I paired it with a bold statement necklace and dangly earrings.

g - IMG_9286

I finished the look with leopard print pumps. Voila, I’m wedding ceremony and reception ready!  Now all I have to do is flag down a waiter at the reception for a martini, shaken not stirred. LOL

g - IMG_9755

Dress: eBay.com // Earrings: Stella & Dot (old) Similar here // Necklace: eBay.com //Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

For my tall divas here are some options for you: Bardot Body con dress or Long Tall Sally Dress


Judy’s Look:

j - IMG_8617

I love the wedding season even if it means I’m becoming  the 27 dresses girl!  When I’m not part of the bridal party I just love dressing up for a wedding. Over the years I was fortunate enough to witness so many family members or friends getting married and just getting ready for such a beautiful event gets me all giddy.  For a girlie girl like me I love to keep it classy and chic for the ceremony, then glam it up at night for the reception.

j - IMG_7942

This year again I’m fortunate and blessed to be invited to 4 different types of weddings. Today for my wedding flow post I’m wearing a dress that I would wear for a classy intimate wedding near a winery. I was inspired to create a vineyard meets Ascot Race day look.  I’ve always loved seeing women all dressed up with their fascinator hats and white gloves.

j - IMG_8471

I wore my A-line silky polka dot black and white dress which I bought a few moons ago at H&M.  This dress is simple yet elegant all at the same time. I added my black fascinator to elevate my look and I wore my cute satin red pumps. Of course I completed my look by adding my favorite pearl necklace and RiRi Woo lipstick by MAC.  Here I come: Judy the belle of the ball.

j - IMG_8172

Dress: H&M (old) similar here // Head fascinator: Aldo (old) similar here and here // Necklace: Zara (old) similar here // Sandals: Nine West (old) similar here and here

For my Tall Babes: Dress: Asos Tall // Shoes: Amazon

Leslie’s Look

To quote Beyoncé: “all the single ladies, all the single ladies…” Have you been invited to a friend’s wedding at which they’ve promised to introduce you to that wonderful friend they supposedly have that you’ve just never happened to have met? Or that cousin coming in town from (fill in the blank) that would just be perfect for you? In that case, I say you need to up the sexy factor of that wedding reception outfit!

l - IMG_7076

For the wedding ceremony, if it is separate and especially if it’s being conducted in a house of worship, be it a church, synagogue, mosque, I know you know what I mean, I would recommend choosing an outfit that is more on the conservative side. HOWEVER, the wedding reception is code for “PARTY”! An excellent excuse to be glammed up with a touch of sexy just in case that “friend of a friend” or that elusive cousin turns out to be a hottie!

LT WEdding  - IMG_7695

So for my wedding reception look I went for an elegant silver sequin above the knee dress. The cap sleeve and looser fit keep it from being club gear and the silver sequins help you to light up the room! The pièce de résistance though is the dramatic back. Yes ladies, the daring open back of this dress is the epitome of sexy.  It takes the dress from a simple shift style to va-va-voom!

l - IMG_3524

Since this dress is a show stopper, I kept the accessories a bit more on the quiet side with a simple bracelet and  stylish earrings. I brought in a tiny bit of funky with these multi-coloured peep toe pumps and a not quite tamed up-do!

And just like that I’m ready to raise a glass in celebration to the bride and groom and drink a toast to new “friends” and “elusive cousins”!:-)

l - IMG_7800

Dress: Zara (old), Similar here // Shoes: Zara (old), Similar here // Bracelet: Links of London

For my curvy chicas: Dress:ASOS

gr - IMG_6036

We want to see your wedding looks! Share on our social media spaces!

Cocktail Party Anyone?

Cocktails Anyone

Cocktail party anyone?

Cocktails Anyone

My girls are always teasing me about the fact that I’m always buying cocktail dress but no cocktail party to attend. LOL but its all good cause I’m saving all my cocktail dresses for the various cocktail parties The Fab Four Fashion will be attending and hosting in the near future… DREAM BIG CAUSE IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO DO IT!

In honor of all the fabulous cocktail parties I’m sure to enjoy I created a look that fit the theme.

I really love this colorful flared dress by Stella Jean (again I love everything Stella Jean) unfortunately this dress is no longer available however you can find something similar here.

Stella Jean 2


I paired this dress with these fabulous Sophia Webster’s sandals.

Sophia Webster Cocktails Anyone

So far our spring season has not been the best, so I decided to throw on a light pink leather jacket which matches perfectly with the dress. Besides, a girl still needs to look gone with the wind fabulous regardless if the temperature drops.

Pink Jacket River Island

For the clutch I choose something that is the same color as my jacket.

Cocktails any one handbag

By now you already know me, every outfit needs a signature lipstick and this time around I choose the Please me Lipstick by MAC, which is a mix of a soft pink and nude a perfect blend for a daytime Cocktail Party.

MAC lipstick Cocktails anyone

For my accessories I went for ear cuff earrings from River Island and a nice colorful necklace from ASOS.

Cocktails Accessories

And finally no outfit is complete without a nice fragrance that will take you from a hmmm to the Queen of the Ball who will make heads turn.  I chose my favorite fragrance Chloe.


Tata for now!









Creamy, Satin and Luminous

I know I told you in my previous makeup post that I was a matte lipstick girl, but sometimes a matte girl needs to venture out to see what else is out there for her. This time around this matte girl fell for some creamy and moisturizing lipsticks.

This is why today’s post is about my most recent discovery.

The first lipstick I’m wearing is called Michiyo a shocking pink shade from Nars.  I love this lipstick because it’s a long wearing vibrant colour which is perfect for spring and summer. Moreover, it’s amazingly creamy and easy to apply.

J - IMG_5933

I personally don’t use a lip liner with this lipstick as it’s luminous satin finish makes it perfect on it’s own.

J - IMG_5942

This one is a bit pricy but Nars has very good products so I decided to splurge.

J - IMG_5974



The second lipstick is more of a vibrant magenta and it’s from a company named Bite Beauty operating out of downtown Toronto.  All their lipsticks are health conscious.

J - IMG_6036

This lipstick is called Palomino and is part of the luminous creme lipstick collection. I find it to be a great everyday lipstick for me and I don’t need to wear a lip liner with it. This lipstick is very creamy, long lasting and it’s a moisture-rich lip color.  I highly recommend lipsticks from this brand especially for my sisters who prefer creamy lipsticks over matte ones.

J - IMG_5993

Insider tip, Bite Beauty lipsticks are free of synthetics and are made of nurturing ingredients that are good enough to eat. Yummy!

J - IMG_6016

I own 2 lipsticks from this brand and I’m definitively planning on buying more.

Givenchy’s bright reddish pink lipstick, 301 Magnolia Organza, is another great shade perfect for summer.  On my lips this lipstick has a coral undertone.  Althought this lipstick has a semi matte finish it still feels very creamy on the lips.

J - IMG_6090

The case is made out of genuine leather, however this specific lipstick is a bit pricey for me so I didn’t purchase it. I would like to thank my wonderful friends for the lovely gift certificate from Sephora for my recent birthday.

J - IMG_6162

For this lipstick you can wear a lip liner with it or go without it.   If you do opt for a lip liner, Currant from MAC blends very well with it and gives it a darker coral undertone.  If you want a brighter peachy colour you can use either the Givenchy recommended lip liner called Light Peachy Nude.

J - IMG_6138


Now all I need is for the spring season to kick in,  so I can rock more of my creamy and luminous lipsticks.

Let me know what your favorite creamy lipsticks are!





My Spring Fling with Lipsticks



Ask everyone who knows me and they will agree that I am obsessed with matte lipstick. I wear lipstick daily and I am always on the lookout for new colours – in fact, the brighter the hue the better.

First up in my lipstick rotation is MAC’s Ruby Woo. This colour is an absolute staple for me. It’s great as a day time colour and spices up any night time look, especially for a hot date!

I always wear my Ruby Woo lipstick with my Cherry liner also from MAC, to give me better definition.  Thankfully, MAC Cosmetics recently added the Ruby Woo liner to their permanent collection!

My second favorite lipstick is Flat Out Fabulous also from MAC. I can’t wear this lipstick without someone stopping me and asking about this colour. This lipstick is a nice mix between purple and pink. I always wear it with Fashion Boost lip liner. This liner was previously limited edition but is now permanent at MAC – thank you MAC!

Purple 1

Purple 3

Purple 2


Last but not least is MAC’s Damn Glamourous, which is a bright red with a hint of orange. I also pair this lipstick with my Cherry liner – I love a liner that I can wear with multiple lipsticks. This is another one of my day to day lipsticks.

Pink 1

Pink 3

Pink 4

I know a lot of people are hesitant about wearing matte lipstick because of the fear of having chapped looking lips. To keep that fear in check, I apply lip balm 10 to 15 minutes before applying my lipstick. And just before lipstick application, I dab my lips to remove any excess lip balm. I then apply my lip liner, followed by my fav matte lipsticks. The liner is important because, not only does it allow for perfect definition, but it also helps the color pop and prevents the lipstick from bleeding. That’s my insider beauty tip!

What are your favourite go to spring fling lipsticks?



The Quartet