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Oh I just love pleated midi length skirts, I can’t say it enough! LOL I think there is an element of elegance, grace and femininity that midi length pieces lend to an outfit when I wear them. For my curvy frame, I tend to go for high-waisted midi length skirts because I can wear them with a nice crop top to show-off a bit of mid drift or I can wear them with a nice crisp shirt and voila I have 2 different outfits.  Since I am a sucker for

I know I told you in my previous makeup post that I was a matte lipstick girl, but sometimes a matte girl needs to venture out to see what else is out there for her. This time around this matte girl fell for some creamy and moisturizing lipsticks. This is why today’s post is about my most recent discovery. The first lipstick I’m wearing is called Michiyo a shocking pink shade from Nars.  I love this lipstick because it’s a long wearing vibrant colour which is perfect for spring and summer.