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So, I need some “audience participation” right now. I need you to first relax those tense shoulders…roll your neck from side to side slowly 2 times…sit up straight, then take a deep breath and let it out slowly, gradually relaxing all your muscles; your back, your neck, your arms, legs…… Now, hold it there…see that feeling you’re feeling right now? That moment, though brief, that precise moment where you feel utterly, shamelessly, blissfully, relaxed? THAT is how I feel on a hot, sunny, summer’s day …and this dress is the

The ladies of Fab Four Fashion never need an excuse to get all dolled up.  Whether we are celebrating a friend’s birthday, heading out to dinner or just because, we always come dressed to impress! Nancy’s Look When the weather warms up like this, it means one and only one thing: it’s time to get summertime fine! Lol Because I’m often quick to run to the store or online for a fly look, I challenged myself to get creative with existing pieces from my wardrobe. Honestly, I know it’s really

Chic and affordable go hand in hand when describing Old Navy, and the ladies of Fab Four Fashion just love when retailers offer styles for ALL shapes and sizes.  Join us as we show you how we’ve remixed Old Navy pieces to fit our style profiles! Judy’s Look Old Navy is a store filled with hidden treasures. When I look at their window displays, I’m never quite sure they’ll have something for me, but as soon as I step inside I always find one or two pieces just waiting for me

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