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Discovering a new tall clothing line always gets us excited. But when it comes to this clothing line, “excited” is an understatement. If the Olivia Popes, Claire Underwoods and Annalise Keatings of the world were all over 5’9″, they would all swoon over Model Atelier. This line has sophistication and flare in spades. These classic pieces will shatter the commonly held conception of the office “uniform”. And naturally, when left to the devices of tall Fab Four Fashion’s Leslie and Nancy, you can count on them tossing predictability out the window

Summer is here, and with it heralds the opportunity for many of us to attend all white, glamorous events such as the annual Diner en Blanc and all white boat cruises. So, when you have 4 women dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enamelled in grace and toasted with beauty, and these aforementioned ladies decide to dress in white, one can only expect greatness in the form of ALL WHITE DONE RIGHT! If you think you’re ready to see how the ladies of Fab Four Fashion did it, you are cordially invited to

The democratization of fashion is at the center of what we, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion, are all about.  Fashion is supposed to be fun, a way to express one’s self and open to all those who wish to participate.  When we were approached by to do a product review, we were excited as their values fall in line with our own.  This online retailer offers clothing options from sizes 0 to 36W, plus customization options all at an affordable price.  Join us as we walk you through

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