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Jeans…denim… dungarees! A fashion trend that has spanned the globe and continues to be a favorite among young and old alike!  Invented over 100 years ago, jeans are that one fashion item that has run the gamut from being synonymous with the poor working class to a symbol of wealth and affluence solely based on the name on the label.  Talk about a fashion renaissance!  I know many women can have a love/hate relationship with jeans, but the secret is to not stop looking until you’ve unearthed the perfect pair. Don’t

Cue that 70’s track, pass me my aviators and the keys to the wildcat cause I’m coming at you with some solid  throw back looks that will keep you looking fly at work and at  play while jumping into the 70’s trend this summer! It’s all about the suit! You know when you used to look at those old school photos of your parents dressed to the nines for some event they were attending back in the day? You remember how super fly they looked, which sometimes makes you wonder,

My name is Leslie, and I’m a printaholic. Polka dots, paisleys, African or Aztec, whatever the print, I just love ’em all! But, of late, I’ve been noticing that one print in particular has been claiming valuable real estate space in my closet over the last few seasons, and that is leopard! From handbags and shoes, to dresses and pants, I have at least one item in this fierce animal print, and I’m always more than ready to add to my ever-increasing collection! From work to play, a leopard print

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