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Melissa McCarthy  has hit us again with a beautiful summer collection available through Penningtons!  The Melissa McCarthy Seven7 clothing line debuted last year to loads of hip hop hoorays. When I laid eyes on this kimono on the Pennington’s website, I was literally salivating.  I just adored the print and colours and that fringe….oooo wwweeee!   This kimono would make for an amazing swimsuit coverup as well being a great layering piece to give a little extra kick to a casual outfit.   Now these flared cuffed jeans are the

We ladies love to get together to catch up on the ups and downs of our lives over a delicious meal.  Join us as we discuss our fave casual looks for brunching in the 6ix!     Gail’s Look I just love getting together with the girls over a delicious meal – what could be better!   For my brunch look I went with the so called “Canadian Tuxedo”. LOL  Denim on denim was a definite no no for me, but I broke that all up by adding this faux

In this edition of Women Supporting Women we bring you Tess Holliday.  2015 was an amazing year for Tess!  She broke ground by being the first plus size model to be signed by straight sized modeling agency, snagged the cover of People Magazine, was featured by H&M, had a collection with Addition Elle and has now partnered with revitalizing the mblm brand, a line from Penningtons!  The brain behind #effyourbeautystandards was recently named one of the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet by none other than the TIME. She is

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