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OH MY GOSH – PURCHASE – those are the words I uttered when I laid eyes on this faux fur coat wonder!  So, of course I immediately retrieved my credit card to make this coat mine.  Ask any of the other ladies of Fab Four Fashion and they will tell you that I’m OBSESSED with faux fur right now.  The different colours and styles they’ve been fashioned into has just had me salivating!   In this coat I imagine myself as Dominique Deveraux seen here in the 80s night time

Fab Four Fashion is all about women supporting women. When the opportunity presented itself for us to work with the company Rue107, we jumped on it. The force behind Rue 107 is called Marie Jean-Baptiste, a Haitian sister doing her thang with her beautiful colourful designs.  Being Haitian myself, it’s always nice to see one of your own doing well and achieving their goals! Rue 107 is a brand which represents a sexy, confident, and bold woman.  It’s all about embracing your curves and not being scared to flaunt them.

One of the many things the ladies of Fab Four Fashion believe and embrace is the movement of women supporting women. So one can only imagine when the ladies were offered the opportunity to work with fabulous designer Taylor Jay, they of course jumped on it. Let me tell you, Taylor Jay’s creations are not only remarkable, but they are clothing that can easily translate into pieces of art, and our bodies the canvas bringing them to life While her creations are simple, there is an element of flair, elegance and

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