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Want to party? Not interested in being out till the wee hours of the night? Welcome to the wonderful world of the day parties! Whether day or night, when it comes to parties, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion are always ready to show up and show out! As the last few days of summer begin to dwindle down, the ladies are soaking up the sun and are bidding summer adieu with a bang! See what they’re rocking to their Day Party in the 6ix! Nancy’s Look I’m not sure who

What can I say about royal blue? This delicious colour, also known as the Queen’s blue, is the perfect fit for a queen bee like me LOL. I just love this shade of blue so much; it’s so chic and majestic! I discovered this dress a few years ago on the ASOS website and pounced on it immediately. I could not let a  find such as this slip through my fingers!   However, in order to get this dress, I encountered a slew of obstacles. First the company sent me

Did you see the absolute awesomeness that was the Dedo Azu Official post? How could we not ask for more! And lucky for us, Dedo felt so inspired that she couldn’t resist making us more outfits to showcase her talents. So without further ado, we’re back with more goodies to show you from our girl Dedo Azu! She out did herself with her mix of prints and structured pieces so feast your eyes on these beautiful creations. Gail’s Look It was love at first sight when I first laid eyes on this

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