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What do you get when you mix Fab Four Fashion, Greta Constantine and Cityline?  Why fashion magic of course! Enjoy our fashion segment (see link below) where we give you tips on what to wear to as the wedding guest on this iconic morning show. Be sure to check back on Monday, July 18th for all the outfit details!           Greta Constantine: Dresses For All Body Types   Tah Tah for now, The Fab Four

Summer Summer Summer time!  As the temperature rises it signals that its time to break some fashion rules! With this outfit I’ve committed the 3 dreaded no-nos of plus size fashion: 1.No Horizontal Stripes 2. No Baring of Arms 3. No Crop tops Well, as you’ll  soon see I said nuts to that and so I’m wearing what want! I spied these bold HORIZONTAL striped shorts on the Eloquii site and had to have them (yes, let me say it again, I have the audacity to wear horizontal stripes…and whomever

Bold, cutting edge fashion – that is what Rebdolls is all about.  Like the ladies of Fab Four, Rebdolls believes that all women deserve access to great fashion and so makes their clothing available in sizes xs all the way to 4X.  Join the ladies as they discover the pieces that set their hearts a flutter! Gail’s Look I have sung the praises of Rebdolls many a time and I’m happy to do that again!  I just love their bold, unapologetic approach to fashion especially plus size fashion!  Moreover, I

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