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Hallelujah friends it’s Friday and it’s time for another Fab Four Fave! Today, Leslie is looking into her crystal ball and foretelling our future. Her prediction: winter is coming! I know many of you will probably want to completely bypass this post. I totally get it. When I was a teenager, I used to avoid looking at magazines at this time of year because all I could look forward to seeing in those glossy pages were boots, scarves and tuques! Albeit, they were bangin’ boots, stylish scarves and tasteful tuques,

Oh I just love pleated midi length skirts, I can’t say it enough! LOL I think there is an element of elegance, grace and femininity that midi length pieces lend to an outfit when I wear them. For my curvy frame, I tend to go for high-waisted midi length skirts because I can wear them with a nice crop top to show-off a bit of mid drift or I can wear them with a nice crisp shirt and voila I have 2 different outfits.  Since I am a sucker for

Guess what time it is? No it’s not tool time, it’s time for Fab Four Faves! You know, that time when one of the ladies of Fab Four let slip what they’re craving this week. Well your girl Leslie is up so check out what she has in store for you! Ladies, I’ve brought you a whole host of items that I cannot afford…yet…and so desperately want! But this week, I decided to let you in on one of the latest trends I’m feeling. Now Gail and Nancy have both

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