High Tea

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Scones, clotted cream and tea of every flavour – the ladies of Fab Four Fashion are off to enjoy a quintessentially English delight – afternoon tea.  Introduced to England by the 7th Duchess of Bedford after she complained of “having a sinking feeling” later in the day, afternoon tea became the perfect remedy.  Join us as we enjoy afternoon nibbles while keeping it oh so fancy!
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Nancy’s Look

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Another day, another opportunity to glam up with the squad!

I seem to really be gravitating towards florals this spring. While it is the “typical” spring thing, this is quite new for me…. And I’m loving it! This little number jumped on my screen as I was perusing the H&M website (side bar, did you hear that H&M will soon offer online shopping?!!??!! It took them long enough but I for one am VERY GLAD!)ND Edited IMG_8945

But the print wasn’t the only thing that attracted me to this little number. The fit! Oh the fit. It’s just perfect. The strategically placed seams allow this dress to hug you in all the right places. While it’s fitted it’s very comfortable and sucks you right in. This is really a thing of sewing magic.ND Edited IMG_8966

I decided to allow the dress to play center stage so I paired it with very minimal accessories. I had to break out the birdcage tho LOL. I added these purple pumps because, well, pop of color. You know how I do. LOL I was thinking about my Mom with this pairing because, as she would say, “it goes together”. It’s one of those things that’s hard to explain, but when it goes, it just goes!ND Edited IMG_9068

Dress: H&M // Shoes: Aldo (sold out); similar here

Plus size honeys, you can recreate my look with this dress! Or that one.


Judy’s Section

JS Edited IMG_9174

Spring is upon us, and it’s time to bring out our lovely floral pattern skirts and dresses and enjoy the beautiful weather. One thing my girls and I enjoy during spring and summer, is going to high tea.

For a high tea event, I’m always torn between wearing a nice flowing dress, a fitted wiggle dress, or a nice skirt. This time my heart settled on this beautiful skirt that I stumble upon on Instagram when I was perusing through @iambeauticurve’s page. I clicked on the pic to get the deets of her outfit, and yeah baby I too was able to score this 2 piece yellow flower patterned skirt and crop top.

JS Edited IMG_9340

That same night I visited the Forever 21 store closest to my home. I must admit, I wasn’t too crazy about the complete coordinate set on me so I only went with the skirt. I was very impressed with the material and love the sheen it has to it.  It’s a great fit on me and I love the fact that it is high waisted and flares out.  Besides, yellow compliments my skin tone very well and I’m a sucker for a floral pattern.  A little confession: I was never a huge fan of floral patterns but once I found the right floral pattern I changed my mind.
JS Edited IMG_9349

For our high tea outing, I wore my new skirt with my off white high collar top which I also found at Forever 21 a few months ago.  To complete my look I wore my gold triangle earrings and my cream and gold pumps by Ivanka Trump.

Ok now I’m ready to go, I just hope they will have my favorite high tea delicacies, which are biscuits, jam and crème fraiche.

JS Edited IMG_9215

Skirt: Forever 21 // Top: Forever 21 (sold out) similar here // Earrings: Forever 21 similar here // Cuff: Forever 21 // Shoes: Ivanka Trump (old) similar here

Tall babes: Skirt // Top


Leslie’s Look

LT Edited IMG_9401

I so love going for a proper English afternoon tea! My sis and I started trying afternoon tea at various hotels many years ago when we were still living in Montreal, and the trend has continued ever since!

Of course, it goes without saying that an important part of these outings is the outfit. I love wearing fun , flirty, feminine pieces for these high tea activities; makes me feel like a proper English lady.

LT Edited IMG_9542

I am still in love with all looks mod inspired, so this dress appealed to my retro sensibilities. The cool print and soft sheen immediately caught my attention when I clapped eyes on it on the salesperson in the store; and the short length that shows of my gams to perfection, made for a real winner! I love this style of lose fitted dress as you never need worry about those dreaded panty lines and no need to loosen anything after a big meal;-) To me, the key to the success of this style of dress is to ensure the areas that are supposed to be fitted (i.e. the shoulders and bust), fit well. If they are too big, it will look more sack like (no one wants that!)

LT Edited IMG_9489

There’s no doubt that this dress was the star of my look, all I had to add was some nude pumps, a little sparkle at my ears and wrist and I was ready for my finger sandwiches, scones and clotted cream!

LT Edited IMG_9548

Dress: Kate Spade (old), similar here, here, here // Shoes: Office //

Plus size perfect princesses I haven’t forgotten you: Dress or Dress //

Gail’s Look

The Fab Four ladies and I will make any excuse to 1. get together and 2. have said get together over a lovely meal.GT Edited IMG_8827

GT Edited IMG_8913

I really created this outfit around these mellow yellow pumps!  They are oh so comfortable, I could literally wear them for hours.  They’re faux suede with an ankle strap and I just love the pointed toe.
GT Edited IMG_8903

Moving up from the shoes is this gloriously feminine skirt.  I love its fullness and the high low situation as well.  The material is neoprene which helps give the skirt that puffy fullness I mentioned earlier.

Another nod to femininity is this black and white off the shoulder top.  Those of you who follow our blog regularly will recognize this top.  I just love having items in my wardrobe I can reach for over and over again.

My friends, my look is complete and I’m off to enjoy another cuppa! LOLGT Edited IMG_8866

Top: ASOS Curve (old) similar here // Skirt: Ashley Stewart (sold out) similar here or here // Pumps: ASOS (sold out) similar here or here (this shoe goes all the way up to a 12W!!)//

For my tall glamazons here are some options for you – Top // Skirt Option 1 or Skirt Option 2 //

Group Edited IMG_9654

Tah Tah for now,

The Fab Four

If The Shoe Fits


ND IMG_9793

If the shoe fits, wear it. Simple, right? Well not so much when you have a larger footprint… I remember wearing a size 9 at 9 years old, 10 at 10, 11 at 11; clearly, my family was concerned about what would happen to me when I hit 18! LOL Thankfully, my shoes size held at 11… until I had a baby that is, now my tender tootsies are resting comfortably at a size 12.

This is an ode to my large feet.

ND IMG_9952

While I tend to get bogged down by the lack of shoe options for anything over a size 11, it was definitely worst twenty years ago. See, I grew up in the 80’s, in an era when the ladies that we all wanted to emulate were tomboys: Queen Latifah, Yoyo, Mc Lyte, Aaliyah, TLC – all tomboys. This was perfect for me because I could always get my fly kicks from the men’s department.

ND IMG_9816

This was perfect for everyday life, but when we had special events, that’s when the headaches started. While everyone else rejoiced at the news that so and so got engaged, my joy would soon be replaced by the anxiety of what shoes I would wear to the wedding. lol Sad, I know.

I remember shopping with my dad and having to resort to the ugliest grandma shoes (no disrespect to the fly grandmas out there). The words: “mais tu n’as pas le choix” (French for: “but you don’t have any options”) were the worst ones that used to be uttered.

ND IMG_9873


Fast forward to the present day. The “stigma” associated with having larger feet still prevails. Shopping for shoes (outside of stores that specifically cater to “us”) is still a pain: basically involving whispering your size, seeing the sales person’s astonished look on their face (like having a size 12 is a monstrosity) and being informed that “the largest size in this shoe is a size 10, sorry”. Situations like this make me appreciate online shopping and long tall sally all the more!

ND IMG_9978

long tall sally has a wide array of awesome shoes (which are available in sizes 9 – 15) and – wait for it – that we would actually want to wear! Like these amazing sandals that make me feel like an Urban Gladiator! You just have to take a few minutes to check out If The Shoe Fits on longtallsally.com. It has some great tips to figure out the correct size, some fun facts and of course, a drool worthy lookbook.

ND IMG_0002


As the proud mom of a future tall girl (and likely big footed babe), I love seeing these initiatives as I hope and pray that she will not have to endure the same annoyances I had growing up. I also hope and pray that she will fully accept and love every single inch of herself. I reached that comfortable milestone later in life, but with brands like long tall sally, it makes it easier for younger girls with a love for fashion to express themselves in every way.

ND IMG_9919


Sandals: long tall sally // Dress: Club Monaco (ancient!); similar here // Jacket: Topshop

Plus size babes! I haven’t forgotten about you! Recreate my look with this dress or that one and this jacket!




RUE107: PART 2

grp IMG_2121

Rue 107 is about celebrating women and fashion, and helping them bring out their inner confidence! We, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion, are here for this and were more than happy to jump into four hot looks that compliment our curves and express our inner divas!

grp IMG_2158

See what happened when Fab Four Fashion and Rue 107 collide!

Nancy’s Look

Another day, another great find! Their tag line – Home of Confidence and Curves – says it all. I had seen Rue 107 but I did not know that they catered to all body types. AND I did not know that the founder was a fellow Haitian! Sa kap fet!! Now that this is out of the way, let’s dig in on the great finds.

ND IMG_2258

This saucy two piece made me forget that  -100 degree weather is at our doorsteps LOL. I fully embrace this resort piece that I will break out during my next vacation.

First off, the fit on these pieces is impeccable. The stretchy material embraces ones curves quite nicely. Despite not being a “tall line”, the length of the skirt worked really well with my long gams. The length of the crop top works really well too. It’s not too short where my entire mid section would be exposed.

ND IMG_2293

Then, the design is also on point. That peplum details on the skirt is the cutest. For someone who isn’t super “hip-py”, this sort of detail adds volume where it’s most needed. This allows me to compete with the Judy’s and the Gail’s of the world! LOL Ok, maybe not… I decided to cross the halter top strings forward for an interesting lookND IMG_2453

I wanted to keep my look in fifty shades of blue so I paired my two piece outfit with some blue pumps. I added two silver cuffs to give it that extra edge. And now we just wait for my winter get away where I can recreate this look with a bit more heat!

ND IMG_2413

Top & Skirt (available in sizes 4 – 24): c/o Rue 107 // Pumps: Jessica Simpson //

Leslie’s Look


Talk about a little colour to make a girl think of warm temperatures! This outfit is so great for you lucky ladies out ther that will be fortunate enough to be getting away from the cold this winter or who are lucky enough to live in warmer climes year round! But don’t be fooled, these to pieces can be rocked separately to create hot new looks that will work anytime of the year which is key for those of us that love to do wardrobe remixes!

LT IMG_2785

This white bodysuit is very comfortable with a ton of stretch to it. Paired here with this powder blue mini circle skirt, it can also be easily worn with a pair of jeans or a pencil skirt. Talk about versatility! And la piece de resistance is that it comes in sizes 4 to 24!!

LT IMG_2803

This circle skirt has flirtiness in spades! From the colour to the style to the length it just screams, “I am sassy, hear me roar”! LOL If you want to warm this skirt up for the cooler seasons, try rocking it with a cool tee and blazer or a cute off the shoulder sweater and some sexy over-the-knee boots and you’ll be ready to hit the streets!

All in all, spring/summer, winter or fall, you can look hot in this little number from Rue 107!

LT IMG_3205

Bodydsuit: c/o Rue 107 // Skirt: C/O Rue 107 // Shoes: Office

For my curvy chicas, these hot pieces come in sizes 4 – 24!!!!!!

Gail’s Look

Ladies, I am showing up and showing out in this glorious 2 piece set from Rue107, founded by Marie Jean Baptiste. This collection epitomizes everything that the ladies of Fab Four Fashion stand for – stylish, chic, cutting edge fashions for ALL sizes of women!

GT IMG_2978


GT IMG_2973

This blue peacock 2 piece number is an outfit that is definitely outside of my comfort zone – but you know what, I’m going for it!  I imagine myself sipping a cool tropical concoction in some exotic locale, just taking in the scene.

The fit of this 2 piece number was pretty spot on.  I wore a size 2X for the top and a 3X for the skirt.  The only thing I would suggest is that, if you’re more voluptuous than me, I would recommend sizing up.

GT IMG_3019 re edited


Of course, with a gorgeous body conscious outfit like this, I highly recommend shapewear for a nice smooth look.  I’m wearing a bike shorts style shaper from Maidenform.

I rounded out my look with blue suede slingbacks, a pastel mint green clutch, and a bold statement necklace for extra umph!

GT IMG_2958 re edited

2 piece c/o: Rue 107 Top & Skirt (available in sizes 4-24!)// Necklace: Stella & Dot (old) Similar here // Clutch: eBay //  Earrings: eBay // Slingbacks: Zara (old) Similar here


Judy’s Look

Like I said in my previous post (seen here), Rue 107 understands that all women, irrespective of size and shape, want to be dressed in style. They cater to women who are confident, not afraid of bold color and print and want to celebrate their shape!

JS IMG_1880

For this look I went with a 2 piece high-waisted skirt and wraparound crop top combo.

JS IMG_1930

This print is bold, in your face and makes people stand up and take notice. It’s totally different from the common leopard print that you usually see. This print makes me want to roar, and screams “I’m bringing sexy back”!LOL Another thing that is great about both these pieces is the stretch factor, which gives you enough room to breathe while still hugging every curve.

JS IMG_1979

You would be more likely to see me wearing this cute 2 piece number on vacation at a hot resort, grooving to some funky tunes and sipping on a fruity drink with lots of rum!LOL. You best believe that this sexy little 2 piece will be traveling with me on my next trip down south!

JS IMG_2018Until next time

Top & Skirt c/o: RUE107// earrings: H&M (unavailable) but find similar here // sandals: BCBG (old) find similar here

grp IMG_2177


The Fab Four

Sequined Out

nd IMG_6586

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time for fur and sparkles and sequins! A quick stroll through any mall will solidify this fact – and I’m here for it all. Ladies, the holidays are at our door steps and I know we’re already thinking about all the outfits we will need to don to make this festive season sizzle. Therefore, I bring to you: Sequined Out!

nd IMG_6522

This sequin number was gifted by my dear cousin and fellow Fab Four, the one and only, Judy. She actually ordered it for herself but the sizing on this dress was way off. So she kindly passed it over to me. Thanks Hun *kissy face* As the saying goes: One (wo)man’s trash is another’s treasure. Oh and what a treasure this is!

nd IMG_6409

I love this short little sassy number. Sequins make everything so festive and always party ready. Staying true to myself, I had to put my own spin on it: I’m actually wearing this dress backward. I would definitely wear the dress with the V-neck in front but I prefer a little back exposure. It adds a touch of class to the look. And since my gams are on full exposure, I appreciate the extra coverage that the top portion offers.

nd IMG_6719

Speaking of exposing the gams, tall girls, here is benefit number 6,093,423 to our statuesque frame! This sort of dress works well for us because it’s very forgiving: the 3/4 sleeves are a God sent as you don’t need to worry about whether or not they will reach your wrist. So if your “neighbourhood” specialized tall shop is too far or you don’t have the time to order something online (because that’s where a lot of the hot tall fashion finds are), you might strike gold with a dress such as this which can be found in plenty of “regular” stores – especially around this time of year.

nd IMG_6548

I finished off my look with some strappy sandals and a few silver accessories. And now, break out the champagne, mama is ready to paint the town red!

nd IMG_6489

Dress: gifted (Thanks Judy!); similar here // Sandals: Nine West

And I know that my plus size bombshell will kill in this sequined number or that one.

THE HEIGHT :: Joggers Edition

ND IMG_6414 (1)

Tall ladies everywhere, if you’re like me, you rejoice whenever you discover a new player in the tall fashion game. And if you’re really like me, you actually drop down and bust some serious moves when said shop offers chic, trendy and quality pieces at an affordable price point! Well ladies, search no more. Meet THE HEIGHT!

ND IMG_6489 IG

Now let me tell you about these joggers. These are not your “crash on the couch on NFL Sunday” joggers. Oh no, you want to be out and about with these joggers, you’ll want to be seen! Naturally, they can be dressed down with kicks and a tee, but of course, that is not the route I took here! LOL. I went with a bandeau top and leather jacket, just to give it the right dose of edge.

ND IMG_6306 IG

ND IMG_6345 IG

Can we now talk about the obvious tall girl question: what about the length? It is perfect! I am a smidgen under six feet tall and I am wearing the 37″ option. I probably could have gone with the 35″ ones, but you will NOT hear me complain about pants being too long EVER! For the even taller babes that are used to clinging on to every inch, you will be happy to hear that these joggers are available in a 39″ inseam! Please allow me to spell that out for you. THIRTY NINE INCH INSEAM! How amazing is that??

ND IMG_6223 (1)

These joggers are a great staple which will get you many years of wear. The fit is also great. I ordered a size M and it clings in all the right spots, and properly takes care of your…. assets. LOL

ND IMG_6667 (1)

THE HEIGHT offers a wide range of awesome pieces including this gorgeous printed skirt for $20 (yes, you read that right!) or this beautiful colorblock poncho for $36 or that fly coat for $65! In addition, they offer some gorgeous plus size pieces too!

Get your hands on these joggers for a measly $45! AND because we love you so much, we hooked you up with a discount code: use FABFOUR between now and October 20th and get 10% off your entire purchase!

ND IMG_6614 IG


Joggers: THE HEIGHT // Top: ASOS // Jacket: Danier (old); similar here // Shoes: Vince Camuto (old); similar here

My plus size babes, you know that I got you! Recreate my look with these pants, top and jacket!

Enjoy your shopping and let us know what you got!

Note: we are not responsible if you go broke as a result of this post! LOL



*Although this is a sponsored post the opinions expressed are my own.

Delightfully Dellez

Nancy D.

Let me tell you about how I found this dress. I was browsing on one of my favorite blogger’s page (hey TheTallMuse!) and she featured a pretty yellow dress from Dellez. I immediately went to their Instagram page and saw a glimpse of my dress. The model wearing my dress was behind another and sitting down, so you couldn’t even really see the dress. But just from the colors, I knew that it would be mine. I quickly messaged them to find out more and the rest was history!

Nancy D.

Adelle Prime, the beauty being Dellez, hails from Sweet Sweet T&T aka Trinidad and Tobago (shout out to my fellow Caribbean Queen!). Standing at 5’10″, she fully understands the struggle that is associated with finding beautiful clothes that fully cover our long limbs! This struggle is even realer when you consider that the number of tall women in an island of 1.3 million inhabitants is slim to none! The lack of availability along with her passion for fashion fueled her to start Dellez. I for one am quite glad that she did!

Nancy D.

Nancy D.

This dress was everything I hoped it would be – beautiful vibrant colors, awesome fit, and most importantly perfect length! I also love the fuller skirt. To further accentuate the fit and flare, I borrowed a page from Judy’s and Leslie’s book and I added a white tutu under the skirt. It gave a bit more volume and made twirling so much more fun! LOL

Nancy D.

Nancy D.

As an added bonus, dealing with the Dellez staff was an absolute pleasure. They are always responsive and very accomodating. Although they are located in the Caribbean, they offer shipping to Canada and US and even periodically offer free shipping. Just keep your eyes peeled on their on their space by subscribing on their website and by following on Instagram and Facebook!

Nancy D.

Nancy D.

Dress: Dellez Tall Fashion (sold out); similar here // Shoes: Nine West

Plus size babes, you know that you cannot be forgotten! Check out the strapless fit and flares that I found for you here and here!

Special thanks goes out to Roseline Bonheur who hook it up on the photography!

~Tah Tah for now!!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post and the opinions expresses heinin are solely those of the writer.

Stylish In-vest-ment

gr IMG_8752

Menswear pieces are a hot commodity in women’s fashion this season and the vest, so often donned by men for work and formal events, can transition oh so well into a woman’s wardrobe portfolio yielding endless dividends! A piece that can be rocked from season to season, and reworked in a myriad of ways with it’s closet cousins (i.e. what you already own), this garment is a piece that every woman should have a vested interest in! Check out some ideas from the tall girls of Fab Four showing you how to increase the return on your investment two-fold.

gr IMG_8701

Leslie’s Look

LT IMG_8991-1

I could not wait to shrug on this oh so masculine styled vest. I simply love the juxtaposition of the straight lines of menswear pieces on the curvier frames of the female form. I think it can add another layer of playfulness and, believe it or not, femininity to a look!

LT IMG_9050-1

My theme for this outfit was “bad-ass babe in black and white”! This look was all about the coming together of opposites: black and white, structured and blousy, straight-laced and edgey and shows just how they marry together oh so well! I started with a base of printed perfection in the form of these black and white geometric print slim fit pants and this blousy printed sleeveless top. I went with a more fitted pant to balance out the looser fit of the top and the vest and went with this feminine blouse with its bolder print to add more visual interest to the look since the colour palette was so simple.

LT IMG_9144-1

Now, let’s talk accessories!!! This is what I consider the dessert (i.e. the best part) of an outfit: the shoes, the purse and the “icing” a.k.a. the jewellery! These peep-toe booties with their chunky style heel are the definition of comfortable and add the edginess I love to incorporate into my outfits. Normally, I would probably have gone with a coloured shoe, but I really wanted to play on the black and white theme…Now ladies, can we have an “ooohh” and and “ahhhhh” for the piece of heaven that came down in the form of this purse??!! I confess, I stole it from my sister and since possession is 9/10 of the law, it’s now mine! Femme Black , you are an angel sent by God to bring pieces of fashion flawlessness to my world! It is pint sized perfection and in this case, size really doesn’t matter!

LT IMG_8995-1

I kept the rest of the look simple with silver bangles and earrings and I’m definitely feeling bad-ass!

Vest: Zara // Top: Target (old), Similar here // Pants: Zara (old), Similar here // Shoes: Zara (sold out), Similar here // Purse: Femme Black

For my voluptuous vixens: Vest 1 or Vest 2 // Top // Pants

gr IMG_8699

Nancy’s Look

White after Labor Day??!!! Gasp!! I already told you that I dig white and love to rock it all. year. round! Remember some time ago, I brought you a Fab Four Fave called Vest-ed Interest? Well, I decided to bring it to life!

ND IMG_8750

As shown on my inspiration board, I decided to wear it as a dress. Disclaimer: this is not for the faint of heart! It’s definitely is on the short side. However, rest assured that I was wearing short shorts underneath and safely secured the lapel so that Mother Nature would NOT put my goodies on blast… LOL But with that said, I do love how my legs seem to go on forever!

ND IMG_8944

What I love about this piece is that I know that I will have many more wears out of it. And yes, I absolutely do plan on wearing it as a vest as well! But for the time being, and while the weather still somewhat accomodates, I wanted to show some skin. I also kept my accessories to a minimum to allow the dress to play center stage!

ND IMG_8681

So on my inspiration board, I paired this look with some killer Sophia Webster sandals. However – in the words of Kevin Hart – the way my bank account is currently setup… I had to go with Plan B. LOL Until, I get my coins in order, I opted to wear my dress with nude pumps.

ND IMG_8719

Vest: LTS // Shoes: Aldo // Earrings: Forever 21 (sold out); similar here

Plus size babes, you can actually check out the one I am wearing from Long Tall Sally. It goes up to size 12. And the extra length may actually fair more favorable too! As an alternative, look at this option.


gr IMG_8794

Special thanks to Vanja Peric for the always awesome snaps!

Tah tah for now!


Leslie and Nancy





Fall Look Book Part 1

IMG_5640 Edited Group kiki

September is here, and for most children this means back to school, suited and booted in new clothes for the first day of classes! The ladies of Fab Four Fashion feel much the same way as they’ve been diligently re-working their wardrobes for fall.  Join them as they show you what they are loving and wearing for autumn 2015!

IMG_5660 Edited Group kiki

Nancy’s Look

It’s so hard to say goodbye to summer days (if you’re like me, you sang these words to Boy’s II Men’s song… LOL).  While I will miss the gorgeous weather, I’m really looking forward to rocking everything fall fashion.  This season has the best colors and structured pieces – oh how I love structured pieces.

Blog IMG_7567 Edited Nancy


Designers have had us salivating over fall trends since their presentation of their autumn/winter 2015 clothing lines this past spring. While some of these “trends” are really classics, it’s always cool to see how they’re re-interpreted them for the current season. For me, that’s the case with brocade.  We saw it with designers like Mary Katrantzou, the queen of prints; Simone Rocha and Givenchy.

IMG_7752 Edited Nancy

I purchased these pants many moons ago and love wearing them around this time of the year. I just loved the print on these cropped pants (for the record, these were actually are cropped and not just too short by default #tallgirldisclaimer lol). Black and gold will forever have an elegant feel to me.

IMG_7616 Edited Nancy

I paired my brocade pants with a crisp white shirt and some black booties. Since we know that it gets a little bit breezy this time of year, I had to add my leather bomber jacket. I really love the whole marriage of colours in this outfit and I felt that the jacket spiced up the look a bit.  And just like that, the fast approaching cooler temperature is a little less daunting.

IMG_7291 Edited Nancy

Pants: Ann Taylor (old); similar here or here or here oh and here too! // Shirt: LTS // Shoes: Vince Camuto (old); similar here // Jacket: Thrifted; similar here and here

My voluptuous bombshells can recreate my look with this shirt and these pants (currently on sale!).

Leslie’s Look

Falling into cooler climes is not my idea of a good time. I just can’t get excited about cool breezes that rob your breath, chilly walks to the office and the thought of not being able to enjoy a sip of sangria on a terrace under the blazing sun at 8PM. BUT, I can totally  get down with the fall fashions that we get to rock when the mercury falls!

I must admit that I’ve been excited about fall fashions since I saw some of the trends that were hot for the season during fashion week this past spring and here is one of the looks I could not wait to don this season.

IMG_6421 Edited LT

Tie-neck blouses or sweaters were not something that I would typically wear. I usually verre toward funky and this is a more conservative style for me. However, when paired with this leopard print dress, the funk factor is noticeably multiplied as is the retro “sexy secretary” feel.

IMG_6640 Edited LT

To highlight my small waist (and lend a little more curve to my slim silhouette), I added this slim patent-leather belt to this ensemble. I have a long torso, so I like to wear my belts a little higher than my waist-line to make my legs look even longer than they already are!

IMG_6410 Edited LT

Now, to keep with the retro feel this outfit gives off, I went with these gorgeous burgundy platform pumps reminiscent of YSL and oh-la-la Dominique Deveaux is now in the building and ready to create her “dynasty”!

IMG_6705 Edited LT

Tie-neck Sweater: Zara // Dress: Zara (old), Similar here // Shoes: Zara // Handbag: Zara

For my plus size perfect divas: Top // Dress

Judy’s Look

Fall is almost here, it’s inevitable, we just can’t avoid it, so if you are anything like me and love looking fly all year long, you adjust and make the best of this colourful season. My first fall lookbook outfit is inspired by menswear. Oh yay! I love a nice tall man that can kill-it in the style category, and many menswear pieces can transition well into women’s fashion. I often see women wearing nice menswear inspired suits that are tailored to their curvier frames. One item that I particularly love in menswear is a tie, which is always the first thing I look for when I see a man wearing a suit.

IMG_5830 reEdited Judy

As a child, my dad always asked me to help him adjust his tie (aww, fond family memories). I also remember having a little red leather tie as a child LOL. So, I guess it’s no real surprise that for this look I decided to go for a “comme les garcons” type of style which is a departure from the very feminine and sexy looks I’m often drawn to. I wore a printed yellow, blue, black and white cardigan, with this fabulous white shirt that I found with a built-in tie. I must say I was relieved to find this shirt because it fit the vision I had for this look perfectly. Also let me be honest, for a second, I really didn’t see myself being able to tie a tie LOL.

IMG_5994 Edited Judy


I scored this shirt while browsing through Forever 21 in the plus size section. I love that it’s not tight across my chest and not too big in the mid section. Another thing I like is that the shirt does not gape in the front across my boobs and I feel very comfortable in it. Trust me when I say the struggle is real to find a proper white shirt that fits my body.

IMG_6044 Edited Judy

To complete my look I wore my leather-look shorts to give me a cool, edgy feel. I had a vision of wearing a necklace under my tie and having it look as though it’s also built into the shirt. I must say, I love how my vision came to life. It just takes my outfit to another level. The last piece is my wonderful black patent oxford shoes which I scored at Forever 21 a few months ago, and surprisingly they are extremely comfortable and they don’t make my feet look big, which is always a plus.

IMG_6022 Edited Judy


Cardigan: (old) H&M find similar here   // leather look shorts: (old) Zara find similar here and here  // white shirt: forever 21 // oxford shoes: (old) forever21 find similar here // necklace: (old) forever 21 find similar here

For my tall sisters:  Shorts: here and here // Blouse: here // Cardigan: find similar here // Oxford Flat shoes: here


Gail’s Look

Ah, the fresh cool fall breezes will soon be upon us.  I’ve always felt that come September it was time to re-jig my clothing wardrobe – particularly my work clothes so as to incorporate new items so I can refresh my look.  For me the month of September will always feel like back to school even though I’ve been out of school for some time.  I fondly remember that my sister and I made our Mother a little nuts when we INSISTED that we had to have a fresh new outfit for the first day of school!! Ah our poor long suffering Mommy! LOL

Ever since Pantone dubbed Marsala (aka wine red if you ask me LOL) as the “it colour” for 2015 I’ve been seeing it every where and I admit that I jumped on the bandwagon too…it really is a gorgeous colour.

LB1 - G - IMG_6799

These twill skinny Marsala coloured pants are fabulous.  These pants have some stretch to them so they’re very comfortable.  The cut and fit are really amazing and they hug me in all the right places and there isn’t that horrible gaping at the waist which is the usual problem I have with pants.

IMG_7089 Edited GT

I paired these pants with a printed tie-neck blouse, another hot look this season.  I’ve had this blouse for forever and I reach for it often.  It always pays to have great wardrobe staples you can reach for season after season.

IMG_7056 Edited GT

That is also the case for this pink duster.  Again, I’ve had it forever and have featured it in another post seen here on the blog.

IMG_6777 Edited

To complete my look I wore nude coloured pumps, pearl earrings and my baby, my LV Trevi satchel.  I’m now ready for my first board meeting of the day!

Duster: Elvi (old) Similar here here // Tie-Neck Blouse: New Look (old) Similar here here or here // Pants: Addition Elle // Purse: Louis Vuitton // Pumps: Jessica Simpson (old) Similar here //

For my tall sisters here are some options for you – Duster: Next or J.Crew or Long Tall Sally // Pants: Long Tall Sally or LOFT or ASOS Tall

IMG_5599 Edited Group

Tah Tah for now,

The Quartet

Farewell to Summer

IMG_7848 Edited

It’s sad but true, it’s time to bid summer goodbye.  The ladies of Fab Four Fashion are putting away their short shorts, crop and tank tops and they’re saying hello to cool autmn breezes with a little hesitation.  But before they put all the summer clothes away they’re out for one last hoorah this Labour Day weekend!

IMG_7804 Edited


Nancy’s Look

You know how little kids sometimes hold on to their parent’s leg because they don’t want them to go? Well, that’s me holding on to summer’s imaginary leg!! LOL Seems like it was so short! Well, I’m not quite unpacking my fall fashion just yet because it’s not over till it’s over!

IMG_9003 Edited ND

This hot sunny day called for short shorts! Might as well enjoy them now, yes? The people with an eagle eye will recognize that this fabric hails from the mother land; more specifically Ghana.  So if you’ve been tracking with us for a little bit, you should know that very simple formula:

Amazing Print + Great Clothes = Dedo Azu Creation!

IMG_9143 Edited ND

I decided to add to the fun by pairing my printed shorts with a printed top! This is actually a crop draped jacket that I’m wearing as a top. Of course it is, right? LOL I’m telling you, discovering ways to wear your clothes in different ways is always so much fun and kind to your wallet!

IMG_9183 Edited ND

I finished my look with sandals – because they will be swapped with boots shortly… say it ain’t so!!! With that, I was ready to hang out with my good friend summer before it leaves me for the next six months.

IMG_9096 Redited ND

Shorts: Dedo Azu (custom orders contact dedoazu@gmail.com) // Top: H&M (old); similar here and here // Sandals: Nine West

Plus size bombshells, if you want to recreate my look, Dedo can hook you up with shorts in your size. And if you’re game to rock a jacket as a top, try the jacket here!

Gail’s Look

Alas, all good things must come to an end….so the gold saying goes.  So long, farewell, al vita zane, good bye to hot summer nights, tulle skirts in colours like candy candy and tank tops galore!  Its time to slowly put my summer fashions aside and prepare myself because WINTER IS COMING! LOL  But before I don my turtlenecks and cords its one last hoorah for summer!

IMG_8284 GT Edited

I just LOVE this outfit because for me it conjures up images of old silver screen femme fatales who were daring, mysterious and had  a thirst for danger like Lana Turner or Kim Novak!

IMG_8483 Edited


IMG_8407 Edited

This black cropped tank top has served me well over the summer.  I found myself going to it a lot and that is because it is super comfortable and well….cropped.  As far as I’m concerned I don’t have any problems pulling if off…if you catch my drift LOL.

As for this skirt…I just died when I found it on the zulily.com website.  I just love the fact that this online sample site offers really great options for plus size women on a regular basis.  Anyhow, this animal print body con skirt had my name written all over so of course I had to snap it up quick!  I completed my look with a cute little black patent clutch, gold jewelry and by comfy yet stylish wedge sandals.  I’m off to enjoy a cocktail or three cause as Sheryl Crow sang, “I wanna soak up the sun, I wanna tell everyone to lighten up…”

IMG_8359 Edited

Cropped tank top: Rebdolls // Skirt: Zulily (sold out) Similar here (and I’m happy to report that the alternate option comes in sizes 4-24 and works for you tall glamazons!) // Clutch: Ted Baker // Wedge Sandals: Nine West (old) Similar here

Judy’s look

It is so hard to say good bye to the summer season.  Good bye short skirts, dresses and colorful rompers. Most importantly goodbye to my sandals, and crop tops….I’m going to miss you all but we will see each other in 2016.

IMG_8068 Edited

This year it feels as though summer came and left so quickly.  This is our last time to flaunt our beautiful summer outfits, before transitioning to boots, scarfs and coats.  For my last summer look, I decided to wear this stunning skirt I found on eShakti a few months ago. Let me tell you I have been eyeing this skirt for months and even envisioned the different ways I would rock it!  This skirt has a beautiful mix of colors and the landscape print with gondola from Venice is just spectacular.  I really love the 2 pleat detail in front because it gives the skirt an A-line shape which I find flirty and feminine.

IMG_8150 Edited

As you already know from my previous polyvore posts (Flirting in a skirt and Mix and Match story) I love my skirts, especially the ones with patterns where I can remix them with different tops and accessories. For this outfit I was inspired by Creative Consultant and Fashion Market Director for Cosmopolitan Magazine the fabulous Shiona Turini. I often see her on her Instagram page posting pictures of her beautiful outfits and she seems to be a fan of crop tops and skirts.

IMG_8244 Edited

I paired my skirt with a simple white crop top, my blingy necklace and a pair of blush coloured pumps, just to keep the focus of my outfit on my skirt.  Another good thing about this skirt is that it’s from eShakti which caters to everybody type, therefore my tall, curvy and plus size sisters can all benefit!!

Au Revoir Summer !!

IMG_8278 Edited

Skirt: Eshakti // Crop top: (old) Similar here  // Pumps: Aldo // Necklace: (old) find on Ebay


Leslie’s Look

I am far from ready to bid a fond farewell to the summer! Warm breezes, blazing sunshine and late sunsets aptly describe my idea of heaven on earth. But alas, it cannot  last forever! However, until that cold north wind decides to spread its Ivey tendrils this way, this is what I’ll be rocking!!

IMG_9257 Edited

This look is the epitome of all things I love about summer: cool colours, perfect prints and a playful feel.  The belt helps to accentuate my waist, while the yellow colour of the vest acts as the perfect foil to show off  the dress to its  best advantage.

IMG_9590 Edited

Added to this kaleidoscope of colour and print, I went with simple accessories in the form of this funky gold necklace, a pair of tan high-heeled sandals and a red cross-body bag.

IMG_9615 reEdited

Now I’m ready to while away one of the last days of summer with good friends, delicious food and cool drinks!

IMG_9668 Edited

Dress: Kate Spade (sold out) Similar here // Vest: Zara // Sandals: Michael Kors (old) Similar here // Cross-body bag: Uteriqe (old) Similar here

For my plus size babes here is a similar dress option for you: Pin Up Girl Clothing


IMG_7844 Edited

Tah Tah for now folks!

The Quartet


Fab Four Fashion: Jet Setter Style

Jet Setter Style Polyvore

It’s Friday my fierce fashionable friends, and one of the lovely ladies of Fab Four Fashion will be spilling the beans on what she’s craving on this most hallowed of week days (i.e. the Friday before a long weekend, in this case Labour Day weekend!!). So Leslie, tell us what you got cookin’ in your fashion kitchen!

Well, ladies and gents, Judy let you in on her little secret in her Fab Four Fave last week, so now it’s my turn to let  you in on mine. While Judy will be whiling away her weekend cruising the streets of the Big Apple, yours truly, yes that’s me,  will be right by her side cause it’s a party weekend in NYC for one half of the Fab Four. You know what they say, or should I say sing: “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”, well this style “mecca” will be our playground over the coming days and we plan to eat up all the street styles, pray to find amazing deals (darn the Canadian dollar) and fall in love all over again with the city that never sleeps!

BUT, before I can say buh-bye to “these little town blues” I’ve gotta be prepared, so here’s what I’m packing in my valise.

Jet Setter Style Polyvore Updated



1. Suit case

2. Makeup case

3. Sunglasses

4. Umbrella

5. Crossbody bag

6. Trench coat

7. Ballet flats

8. Lip balm

9.  Eye mask & blanket

10. Tablet

11. Earphones

I like to travel in style and comfort and these key pieces would do very nicely don’t you thik?;-)

That’s all for now! Look for me in the Empire State!