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The 70s! The era of the Jackson Five, flared pants, the Jeffersons and funk music. Fashion-wise, the 70s was an era that brought bold colour and daring prints to another level. This era is back in full force on the runways this season and we just couldn’t resist creating the perfect post to showcase these looks. Get ready for the Soul Train line of fashion – the way only Fab Four Fashion knows how to do it.   Leslie’s Look I am so feeling the 70s as some of you may

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s summer time, but more importantly, there are tons of summer sales going on!  As such, for this week’s edition of Fab Four Fave, I’m showing you what’s currently in my shopping cart, all under $100!       Shorts Dress Jumpsuit Bardot Top Mule Skirt Backpack Necklace Tah Tah for now, ~Nancy

I would like to tell you a little story. It’s all about a girl that once upon a time – yes, you read correctly, I said once upon a time, found herself travelling on the subway and looking at the world around her with a new set of eyes. This girl, let’s call her LT, like so many city dwellers, used public transit to travel to and from work, sadly lamenting her plight all the way and complaining about the delays due to signal issues, or passenger assistance problems or

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