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Guess what time it is? No it’s not tool time, it’s time for Fab Four Faves! You know, that time when one of the ladies of Fab Four let slip what they’re craving this week. Well your girl Leslie is up so check out what she has in store for you! Ladies, I’ve brought you a whole host of items that I cannot afford…yet…and so desperately want! But this week, I decided to let you in on one of the latest trends I’m feeling. Now Gail and Nancy have both

The colour orange has become a hot commodity of late, and I just couldn’t resist adding more of this colour “stock” to my portfolio of wardrobe items! I simply LOVE the colour orange and regardless of season, it blends beautifully with so many wardrobe pieces and can often transform an outfit from bland to brilliant! I have orange in just about every article of clothing from pants to sweaters, tanks and tees, however, I’m always on the look out to add to my collection. Orange Sleeveless Blouse This flouncy top

As I mentioned in my previous individual post, I love my jumpers and always look forward to my next one. So today’s post is about my day romper and my  fabulous night romper. My Day Romper Look: I found this cute romper a few seasons ago at Forever 21 in the plus section.  I like this romper because it’s not too short and I can easily walk around in it. You can typically catch me running through the 6 in that type of romper on a hot summer day. Since

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