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Ladies. Please do yourselves a favor and take the time to devour de deliciousness that is Dellez! This dress here is perfect in so many ways! Beautiful print; light and breezy; AND, tall ladies, it’s loooooong! Here I am wearing 4″ heels and the dress is still touching the floor! In addition to all this, the beauty behind Dellez also has brains: allow me to explain. A dash of sexy is provided to the dress via the high slit. But being mindful of wardrobe malfunctions, the creative genius equipped the

Holiday season got you feeling blue whenever you think about what to wear to all those festive events? Well, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion have teamed up with Alloy Apparel & Accessories to showcase some amazing looks to help get you in a more festive mood. Looks full of sparkle and lace, sequins and shine and a whole lot of fire to heat up your holiday! Alloy Apparel & Accessories has a wide collection of pieces for straight and plus size, as well as pieces for those at the

Cue the funky classic R&B track, raise the lights and get ready for action! Ladies and gentlemen without further ado, allow me to reintroduce you to “THE HEIGHT”. The Olivia Pope like “Fashion Fixers” for TALL women everywhere! Nancy brought you casual cool with those oh so sexy joggers courtesy of THE HEIGHT last week, and this week, I’m thrilled to share this mouth-watering fashion morsel with you…. Let me start by making a little confession, not sure if you have already caught wind of this but, I have a

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