If The Shoe Fits


ND IMG_9793

If the shoe fits, wear it. Simple, right? Well not so much when you have a larger footprint… I remember wearing a size 9 at 9 years old, 10 at 10, 11 at 11; clearly, my family was concerned about what would happen to me when I hit 18! LOL Thankfully, my shoes size held at 11… until I had a baby that is, now my tender tootsies are resting comfortably at a size 12.

This is an ode to my large feet.

ND IMG_9952

While I tend to get bogged down by the lack of shoe options for anything over a size 11, it was definitely worst twenty years ago. See, I grew up in the 80’s, in an era when the ladies that we all wanted to emulate were tomboys: Queen Latifah, Yoyo, Mc Lyte, Aaliyah, TLC – all tomboys. This was perfect for me because I could always get my fly kicks from the men’s department.

ND IMG_9816

This was perfect for everyday life, but when we had special events, that’s when the headaches started. While everyone else rejoiced at the news that so and so got engaged, my joy would soon be replaced by the anxiety of what shoes I would wear to the wedding. lol Sad, I know.

I remember shopping with my dad and having to resort to the ugliest grandma shoes (no disrespect to the fly grandmas out there). The words: “mais tu n’as pas le choix” (French for: “but you don’t have any options”) were the worst ones that used to be uttered.

ND IMG_9873


Fast forward to the present day. The “stigma” associated with having larger feet still prevails. Shopping for shoes (outside of stores that specifically cater to “us”) is still a pain: basically involving whispering your size, seeing the sales person’s astonished look on their face (like having a size 12 is a monstrosity) and being informed that “the largest size in this shoe is a size 10, sorry”. Situations like this make me appreciate online shopping and long tall sally all the more!

ND IMG_9978

long tall sally has a wide array of awesome shoes (which are available in sizes 9 – 15) and – wait for it – that we would actually want to wear! Like these amazing sandals that make me feel like an Urban Gladiator! You just have to take a few minutes to check out If The Shoe Fits on longtallsally.com. It has some great tips to figure out the correct size, some fun facts and of course, a drool worthy lookbook.

ND IMG_0002


As the proud mom of a future tall girl (and likely big footed babe), I love seeing these initiatives as I hope and pray that she will not have to endure the same annoyances I had growing up. I also hope and pray that she will fully accept and love every single inch of herself. I reached that comfortable milestone later in life, but with brands like long tall sally, it makes it easier for younger girls with a love for fashion to express themselves in every way.

ND IMG_9919


Sandals: long tall sally // Dress: Club Monaco (ancient!); similar here // Jacket: Topshop

Plus size babes! I haven’t forgotten about you! Recreate my look with this dress or that one and this jacket!




ASOS For All

Grp Edited IMG_2708
ASOS: 4 letters which stand for As Seen On Screen and so much more! Indeed, ASOS responded to the increasing body image dissatisfaction in the UK – which is an issue faced everywhere really – by harnessing its influence among young fashion-lovers to promote healthy body image. They have funded and partnered with organizations such as The Diana Award which is an anti-bullying charity that works on raising young people’s self-esteem and body confidence; and also Beat, which offers a safe and supportive environment for discussion between those with an eating disorder. They even engaged with the UK government on this topic by participating on the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image (APPG) in early 2012. The group’s objective was to uncover ways to promote a healthier body image in the wider community.
How awesome is that! Representation for all is what Fab Four Fashion is all about. ASOS understands that fashion is for ALL bodies, shapes and sizes and they embody the phrase “Style Beyond Size!” to a tee! See how we decided to partake in their fashionable offerings.Grp Edited IMG_2776

Leslie’s Look

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a sucker for a hot print. I know you all know this; It’s not news right? But did you also know that I have an obsession with the United Kingdom? You may be asking yourself what does that have to do with a hot print? Nothing really, but  it has a lot to do with many pieces in my wardrobe.LT Edited IMG_3750

I love British retailers!! They provide amazing clothing pieces for the masses and you will often find that their sizing is much more generous, whether it be for clothing or shoes. And ASOS is one of my all time favorite! Gail introduced me to them years ago, and I’ve been a faithful customer ever since!  Offering clothing in straight sizes as well as plus sizes and offering tall and petite options as well! They get that women come in all shapes and sizes.LT Edited IMG_3682

This dress is one of my faves! The print is fantastic and I just love the midi length. It’s perfect for many occasions and travels very well (don’t you just hate ironing all the time when your on vacation or traveling for work:-)
To style my dress, I rocked it with this cool oversized moto jacket to counteract the femininity, as well as this black studded belt to help define my waist.

LT Edited IMG_3595

My finishing touches were these yellow pumps for a pop of color and I added simple jewelry and I was good to go!!!LT Edited IMG_3807

Dress: ASOS (old), Similar here // Moto Jacket: Topshop // Shoes: Office

For my sexy curvy ladies: Dress


Gail’s Look

You’ve heard us say it before but it bears repeating….we love companies that offer fashion forward designs for ALL body types!  ASOS, a dynamic online retailer, began carrying clothing for plus size fashionistas back in 201o and I was beyond excited!  Over the years, I’ve happily thrown money at this company in exchange for fun fashionable designs.

This dress had me shining bright like a diamond.  I love the rose gold colour of the sequins.GT re Edited IMG_4810

GT re Edited IMG_4715

This spaghetti strap style dress hugs me in all the right places.  I imagine donning it for a rip roaring night on the town!GT Edited IMG_4569

I paired it with a delicate necklace and simple gold bangles.  Last but not least were these leopard print slingbacks that I slipped on to complete the look.GT Edited IMG_4800

Dress: ASOS Curve or similar here here // Slingbacks: Nine West (old) similar here //

For my tall glamazons here is a dress option for you: Dress


Nancy’s Look

Whether you need to attend an elegant soiree, be a fly boss in the boardroom or just stand out at the next festival, ASOS got you!

ND Edited IMG_3979

ASOS really does it like no other. Fashionable. Affordable. Classic. Trendy. Tall. Plus size. Curvy. Petite. We don’t all come in the same shapes and size and we all want hot clothing. The good folks at ASOS clearly understand this. I dream of the day when they provide a brick and mortar option, but until then, I will continue to endulge on the world wide web.

ND Edited IMG_4330

Many years ago, in my rookie online shopping days, I made the crucial mistake of ordering a garment thinking that the UK and US sizes were the same… Well they’re not! LOL. Don’t be a rookie Nancy, and consult the size chart! I have since ordered a number of pieces from them (including shoes big footed babes!!) and the fit is heavenly for this tall girl (remember this tall dress where my “4-inches-heels-wearing-5-foot-11-inches” self couldn’t even see my toes???).

ND IMG_4085

Playing around with trends is always a lot of fun. Personally, I like to incorporate trends in my wardrobe but always aim for two points: 1. will it fit with my current wardrobe and 2. if it’s just a fun piece that I have to have, I don’t want to break the bank. This top here fits the bill perfectly. It has just a hints of ruffle at the sleeves and the stripes are just classic.

I paired my top with this a simple faux leather skirt which has just the right strech to accentuate you “assets” and allow you to walk pefectly (if you’ve ever put on a too tight pencil skirt, you will understand this LOL). I finished my look with my new favorite floral pumps because, in my world, stripes and florals just yearn to be together!

ND Edited IMG_4201


Top: ASOS // Skirt: ASOS (old); similar here // Shoes: Nordstrom

Plus size honeys, you can recreate my look with this top and that skirt!

Judy’s Look

JS reEdited IMG_3040

Ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you that ASOS is my favorite online store. Why? Well, they understand me plain and simple. As a curvy woman, shopping at any regular store in the mall is difficult. I rarely find things that fit my body perfectly or they don’t have a wide selection of the stylish clothes that I love.

ASOS is my one stop shop and by that I mean they have a wide selection of clothing. Dresses, pants, shirts, jumpers you name it, they have it.  Two important elements with ASOS is that they understand that curvy and plus size women love stylish clothes and their designs are fashionable, current and affordable.JS reEdited IMG_3164

Another crucial element when ordering with ASOS, measure yourself and follow the size chart cause their sizes are in UK measurements, which are different than US size charts.  Once you know your measurement you’ll be fine when ordering.

For this post I decided to wear one of ASOS’ classics which is the wiggle dress. ASOS offers a variety of wiggle dresses, this is a simple classic dress that has a Jackie Kennedy feeling. This dress can be worn to work, for a wedding or any classy event, in other words this dress is a must in your wardrobe.JS Edited IMG_3210

What I love the most about this midi length dress, is the fact that the material is stretchy, it’s comfortable and fits me in the right place.

My look wouldn’t be complete without my mustard pumps and my bedazzled necklace which compliments my dress perfectly.

I’m ready to slay in my ASOS dress!JS Edited IMG_3247


Dress: ASOS similar here // Shoes: Shoemint similar here // Necklace: eBay similar here

Tall babes here is similar dresses for you: Here and Here

 *Special thanks to photographer Roseline Bonheur

Grp Edited IMG_2909

Tah Tah for now,

The Fab Four

It’s our Anniversary

Grp Edited IMG_0581

Do you know what today is?  It’s our Anniversary – come on let’s sing Tony Toni Toné’s song together. Yes, it’s a celebration!  The ladies of Fab Four Fashion are celebrating their 1st year in the blogging world.  Time goes by so fast. It was just a year ago we were rookies trying to make our mark in the fashion world and most importantly spread our message of body positivity.

Grp Edited MG_0530

God, Hard work and dedication got us there and our intention is to continue giving you amazing weekly posts.

Well, today we’ve reached a significant milestone and we are certainly celebrating the best way we know how. Aside from popping champagne, we put together a nice post to show you our celebration outfits and we hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for your constant love and support.

Yours Truly,

Gail, Judy, Leslie, Nancy (a.k.a. The Fab Four)

Grp Edited IMG_0570



Leslie’s Look

I cannot believe that we started this blog a year ago now (technically more than a year) and it has been a whirlwind of a ride! I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to share our message of body positivity with you and showcase some great designers, collections and pieces that work for all body-types. Thank you for following us and I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as well!

LT Edited IMG_0392

Since it’s a celebration, we just had to paint the town red! And really, what’s a celebration without some hot looks to help us get into the partying mood! My look, is a little glam, a little girlie and a touch of fun. Since I have a slim silhouette, I always love wearing pieces that give me some extra curves. This tutu skirt does just that, lending to the girlie feel as well as enhancing my curves.

LT Edited IMG_0433

I just had to have a little bling, so this sequin top that I scooped up from Top Shop added just the right touch of sparkle. To this I threw on a leather quilted bomber jacket to add some contrast to the girlie, glitziness of the outfit and add a little edge.

LT Edited IMG_0397

Last, but certainly not least, was my finishing touch. These striped pumps from ASOS were the perfect accent to round out my look. And with that I’m ready to eat, drink and be merry….oh yea, and dance till I just can’t dance no more!;-)

LT Edited IMG_0465

Bomber Jacket: Zara // Tank Top: Top Shop (sold out), similar here // Tutu: eShakti (old), similar here // Shoes: ASOS (sold out), similar here and here //

For my curvy girls: Jacket // Tutu skirt // Tank Top 1 and Tank Top 2 //

Gail’s Look

A year has come an gone and it feels like just yesterday that Judy, Leslie, Nancy and I came together to create a place where every woman could feel represented.  It has been such a blessing to work alongside these amazing women!

GT Edited IMG_0105

This blog has meant the world to me.  It has given me the opportunity to really express myself in a way I’ve never been able to before.  I’ve always loved fashion.  I remember taping episodes of Fashion Television on the family vcr (I’m probably aging myself by mentioning this LOL) and watching them over and over again.  The issue always became how can I incorporate some of the awesome ready to wear looks and find them in my size!  When that became near impossible I just basically gave up and began making black pants and a top my uniform.  Happily, those days are long gone!

GT Edited IMG_0207


GT Edited IMG_0122

For this look I went with sexy, gothic and edgy all rolled into one.  As you probably know I’m a little gaga for faux fur so of course my blog anniversary look had to incorporate this material somehow.

Given that my look is all black I wanted to play with different textures and materials to make the look more interesting.  So I’m working a faux fur in the form of this 3/4 length jacket and faux leather in the form of this pencil skirt.

GT Edited IMG_0130

To complete my look I went with these eye popping yellow ankle strap pumps and this glorious studded Alexander Wang clutch which converts to a messenger style handbag.   I just love when my accessories can do double duty!  With that I’m off to celebrate good times!

Faux fur jacket: Eloquii // Faux leather skirt: Ashley Stewart (old) similar here // Tank top: Forever 21 Plus //Bag: Alexander Wang (sold out) similar here // Pumps: ASOS (sold out) similar here // Cuffs: Forever 21 // Earrings: BCBG (old) similar here

For my tall sisters here are some options for you: Jacket & Skirt

Judy’s Look

JS Edited IMG_0276


Yes we made it! 1 year might not be a lot for some, but I truly cherish this milestone and couldn’t be more proud to be ¼ of this amazing quartet. So to celebrate our 1 year anniversary I decided to part ways with my usual dress attire and wear an all-white suit.

JS Edited IMG_0269


Let me talk to you about my white suit. I fell in love with it when I saw it on the Eloquii site.  As the avid sales searcher that I am, I bided my time and scored this fabulous suit on sale a few months ago.  The price went down so much around the holidays that I bought it in black as well! This falls in line with the notion that a lady always needs to have a nice suit in her clothing arsenal.

JS Edited IMG_0329

When I saw this suit I had a vision of wearing it with a little sexy black bralet or bustier to take it to the next level. I’m talking Solange epic all white cape wedding picture that would break the internet LOL. Well one is rarely disappointed with Eloquii and can more often than not, expect great quality. The cape fit me perfectly and I don’t have to worry about the sleeves of the blazer being too tight, which is often the case for me when I wear a blazer.

JS Edited IMG_0341

The pants are a good fit and I love that they are high waisted which is a plus when you want to pair it with a crop top. Speaking of crop tops, I chose to wear a sparkly black and silver number which I premiered on our New Year’s Eve post.  To complete my look I wore some black and silver earrings and black pumps and I was ready for the celebration!

Cape: Eloquii // Pant:Eloquii // Bralet:  (old) Asos find similar here // Earrings: H&M find similar here // Pumps: Aldo

For my Tall babes:

Suits: Pants and Blazer

Nancy’s Look

This milestone is so amazing to me. We have put in a lot of effort to make this blog thrive and I’m happy to celebrate its “birth” with the women I love. Beyond what you see on this platform, our sisterhood has truly flourished through all our ups and downs. I am quite excited to see what the future holds for us.

ND Edited IMG_9972

And I cannot go on without acknowledging everyone that has supported us on this journey. Of course the firsts on my list of thank yous go out to my hubby and my baby girl! And of course there are all our families and friends and extended friends whom we have met through this platform! To all our readers, frequent and sporadic: thank you. Thank you for the likes and the comments and the reposts and for just being awesome!

ND Edited IMG_9898


So, before I get too emo, let’s get into this outfit shall we! This outfit is 100% me because it is rather simple but accessorized to the fullest! LOL The star is, without a doubt, the skirt. It’s made with a great scuba material which hugs my curves oh so well! It can be worn in so many ways and settings (yes, I will make this work for my business casual office environment!). I love the contrasting striped border – it’s all in the details.

ND Edited IMG_9882


Then, to dress up my look, I went with a slew of cool and bold accessories. First, we have this tasseled necklace. I wore it backward to add a little fun in the back (by now you know that I wear a bunch of things backwards LOL). Then we have this cuff, I love the leather straps because it adds just a hint of toughness to the look. We have this ring that I totally fell head over heels for and the belt, just to define my waist.

With this I was ready to toast with my girls to celebrate one year, wishing for many more!


ND Edited IMG_0019

Skirt: Asos // Top: Topshop // Necklace: H&M // Cuff: H&M*; similar here // Ring: H&M*; similar here

* Note that the cuff and the ring are both recent purchases, so although I cannot find them online, check out their stores for availability!

Plus size babes, check out the Eloquii website as they have TONS of hot skirts on sale right now. You can recreate my look with this skirt and that cami.

Grp Edited IMG_0605

Again, thank you for rocking with us!

Tah tah for now!

~The Fab Four

Model Atelier

GR IMG_8624

Discovering a new tall clothing line always gets us excited. But when it comes to this clothing line, “excited” is an understatement. If the Olivia Popes, Claire Underwoods and Annalise Keatings of the world were all over 5’9″, they would all swoon over Model Atelier. This line has sophistication and flare in spades. These classic pieces will shatter the commonly held conception of the office “uniform”. And naturally, when left to the devices of tall Fab Four Fashion’s Leslie and Nancy, you can count on them tossing predictability out the window and remixing these pieces with an edgy twist. See how they remix their Model Aterlier gear.


See how our boss ladies wear their pieces for a casual look!

GR IMG_8672

Leslie’s Look

What do you get when you take a black and white print, add a little leather, a splash of colour and a PYT? You get a funk phenomenon brought to you by Model Atelier and our print obsessed Fab Four femme Leslie!

LT IMG_8816

This awesome mini skirt, courtesy of Model Atelier is the perfect piece to show off those gorgeous gams. I love to show a little leg, ok, perhaps a lot of leg, so opted to wear this skirt as a “micro” mini. But since this company knows all about how to dress a beautiful tall girl, rather than wearing this as a high-waisted mini, you can rock it lower than I have here and get additional length (and coverage).

LT IMG_8893

The combination of the effortless black and white print and simple lines of this piece, coupled with the black leather trim make it of so chic and fun. Worn with a simple well cut black blazer or with a bolder print as I’ve done here, this piece can be dressed up, down, with a funky twist or simple sophistication. Whatever your tastes, this skirt can fit the bill!

LT IMG_8909

Skirt: Model Atelier // Blazer: Clover Canyon (old), Similar here // Shoes: Office //

For my sexy curvy chicas: Skirt or Skirt // Blazer

GR IMG_8560

Nancy’s Look

This full circle skirt is simply divine. It’s a great classic piece that can be worn in so many different ways: with a button up shirt for the office or  a crop top for date night. Here, I decided to dress the skirt down by wearing it with an oversized sweater; of course, I needed to inject my typical pop of color.

ND IMG_8990

The skirt is available in ivory and black; both of which allow for multiple outfit combinations with a myriad of colors or a fun print. In order to fully accentuate the fullness of the skirt, I wore a tutu underneath to create added volume. And the movement! Oh the movement! I could not help myself, I had to twirl, twirl, twirl! LOL

ND IMG_9077

The other great thing that I appreciate with Model Atelier is the sizing. They understand that a girl can be tall and of a delicate frame (aka skinny lol) so they offer their pieces from size 0 to size 12. They also understand the various facets of a tall woman by offering items in the lengths that we love: have a skirt or dress that grazes the floor or a mini that is still decent! Like much of their collection, this skirt is a classic and a must have in every wardrobe.

ND IMG_9168

Skirt: Model Atelier // Sweater: Topshop (old); similar here and here // Shoes: Nine West

Plus size sexy, recreate my look with this skirt and sweater!


Now, it’s time to turn up the dial. See how the boss ladies wear their pieces when it’s time to handle business!

GRP IMG_9242

Leslie’s Look

They say you should always dress for success, I prefer to stick to the attage of dress to impress; and this look definitely leaves an impression. Model Atelier understands the needs of tall women and these pants fit every inch and more of my 5”9’ frame! I actually was able to have a bit of that gathered effect at the hem which Ive ALWAYS wanted but NEVER managed to  get before!

LT IMG_9685

These black “Haute Pencil Pants” with their slim fit and  high-waist are oh so elegant, stylish and a great foundation piece for any womans wardrobe. Easily paired down with a simple sweater, it can also be jazzed up with a blazer and some bling.

LT IMG_9699

I wanted to play around with a black and white theme for this look so opted to wear these pants with a white cape blazer. To add a bit of va-va-voom, I threw on a deep v-neck body suit (which is actually a bathing suit) and a beautiful long necklace that fits into the v-neck oh so perfectly.

And just like that, I’m dressed to impress!

LT IMG_9796

Pants: Model Atelier // Jacket: Zara (sold out), Similar here or here // Top: ASOS (sold out), Similar here  //

For my plus size perfect divas: Pants or Pants // Blazer // Top or Top //

grp IMG_9333

Nancy’s Look

As soon as I laid eyes on this fantastic jacket, I immediately thought about the fine ladies of Dynasty LOL. These ladies were full of class and elegance. And while the piece was reminiscent of their style, I definitely had to jazz it up my way (let’s be honest here, have you ever seen Alexis Carrington in a crop top??!!?! LOL)

ND IMG_9614

So what makes this jacket such a stunner? Well let’s start with the waterfall lapel. This adds a nice twist on the traditional jacket and sets it apart. And now, add an ivory contrast to said lapel. This combination further adds interest to the piece and just forces you to stop and stare.

ND IMG_9600

This is another piece that is multifunctional and can be dressed up, down and everything in between. It would work perfectly for an office setting with pants and a blouse and works just as well belted with skinny jeans and heels for drinks with the girls. I chose to rock it with a crop top just to show a little skin, because, well, why not? lol. Then I added a front slit leather pencil skirt for a dash of edge. I finished the look with pink pumps because I must have that pop of color (sounding like a broken record much? lol). If your plan is to lay low and not be seen, steer clear of this jacket. As soon as you don it, you will get noticed, in a very good way!

ND IMG_9549

Jacket: Model Atelier // Skirt: Topshop // Top: Rebdolls // Shoes: Pleasers

And plus size babes, I never forget you! Get this look with this jacket or that one and this skirt!

That’s all for now! Until next time!


Nancy & Leslie

Fab Four Fashion Takes on Cityline!

gr IMG_3684

Lights, Camera, Action, the ladies of Fab Four Fashion were thrilled with the opportunity to have appeared on Cityline, the country’s longest running day time television program!  Watch as we give you the inside scoop on a wardrobe staple…pants and how we make them work for our distinctly different bodies.

gr IMG_3684

Leslie’s Look

Powdered, primped and pressed, I was eagerly poised and prepped to pounce on the chance to share the Fab Four Fashion vision of fashion for all with the awesome folks of Cityline! This week’s edition was focussed on pants and I knew I had just the pants to put the “p” in perfection!

l IMG_4820

The perfect printed pants with pizzazz is what I like to call these leopard print gems!  If you’ve been following the blog for a while now, you know I simply LOVE prins! If you’re visiting the blog for the first time, let me tell you, I’m obsessed with a gorgeous print! Having a slim silhouette, I am always trying to highlight the curves that I have, and prints go a long way toward helping me accentuate my assets. These printed pants give me more volume on my bottom half which also helps me to balance out  my broader shoulders. Plus with prints being a hot commodity this season, they are a good investment and help to diversify my wardrobe’s holdings!LOL

l IMG_4485

Leaving the pants to take centre stage, I paired this look with this long sleeveless waistcoat in a gorgeous mustard colour and a simple white tank and accessories. What I love most about this look is that it can easily make the transition to fall by swapping out the heeled sandals for some pumps or booties and the tank top for a warm sweater. When you’re working on a budget, it’s always ideal when you have the versatility of wearing your pieces in multiple ways!

l IMG_5025

This look combines a bit of an eclectic feel with a touch of fun and a pinch of pizzazz and I am beyond excited that I could share it with Cityline and all of you! So, if I can be so bold as to borrow from the great Humphrey Bogart:  “Cityline, I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” No?! (Wink-wink)

L IMG_4577

Pants: Zara (old), Similar here // Waistcoat: Zara // Tank Top: Topshop // Shoes: Zara (sold out), Similar here // Sunglasses: Dedo Azu (via  Instagram @dedoazu or via  email dedoazu@gmail.com for inquiries/orders)

For my plus size perfect babes: Pants // Waistcoat or Waistcoat // Tank Top //


Nancy’s Look

*stands up* Hello. My name is Nancy, and I’m a 36″ inseam. Now, to all the ladies that have this blessing (we are NOT calling it a problem), how hard is it to find the perfect pair of pants?!! While cropped pants are great for us (that trend was probably invented by a fellow tallista who said: “forget finding long pants!!”), sometimes, we just want pants that pass our ankles, yes?
n IMG_5368

The overall fashion offerings for us tall glasses of champagne have greatly improved, but most of them are still online. So you can imagine how thrilled I am when I score pants at an actual brick and mortar store! Sometimes, they are not quite long enough: that’s when developing sewing skills (or knowing a good tailor) becomes essential as we depend on the extra inches that are sometimes hidden in the hemline.

n IMG_5716Naturally, I love these pants because of the length, but I also love the details it offers like the overlapped waist and the belt that cinches said waist. These pants are from Zara where I must say that I am often pleasantly surprised; this store has now become one of my first stops when shopping for pants. Now, if only they could help us out when it comes to sleeve length!

n IMG_5096

I paired my pants with this awesome striped bardot bodysuit. What’s great about this bodysuit is that it was truly designed for tall women. Therefore, the torso is long enough, allowing the panty part to sit where it’s supposed to and not ride uncomfortably high in the nether regions if you catch my drift. LOL. I accessorized my look with this cool geometric necklace and simple yet fun earrings. The punctuation of this look came in the form of these uber comfortable pink patent-leather pumps for a pop of color. Add a bright lip and I was ready for the bright lights. Stardom, here I come! LOL

n IMG_5411

Pants: Zara (sold out); similar here and here // Top: TTYA x Long Tall Sally // Necklace: H&M // Shoes: Pleaser // Earrings: Forever 21 (sold out); similar here

Plus size babes can recreate my look with these pants and this top!


Gail’s look

50 Shades of Blue that was my jump off for my Cityline debut outfit.  Blue in all its shades and tones is one of my favourite colours so of course that had to be incorporated in my look.

g IMG_4344

Now I, along with the ladies of Fab Four Fashion and women across the globe, struggle with finding great fitting pants, slacks, trousers or whatever you wish to call them.  Moreover, if you’re plus size and short on the height spectrum, like me, then the search is even more frustrating but don’t fret my pet, I’ve got you covered.

g IMG_4398

Thankfully there are retailers that offer plus petite pants lines.  Eloquii the plus size online retailer I’ve raved about offers the “Kady fit” pant that I’m wearing in short, regular and tall.  Another alternative is to look out for cropped or ankle length pants.  They come in lengths that are already tailored made for you…saving you cash on alterations.

g IMG_4052

So, I paired my perfectly fitting navy blue pants with this dolman sleeve pastel blue shirt.  The neat thing about this shirt is that the front part is made of a viscose blend lending a raw silk like look while the back portion is made of a cotton blend for maximum comfort and breathability on hot summer days.

g IMG_4410 (1)

Now what outfit would be complete without accessories!  I love this mixed media choker style necklace and this fold over clutch is the perfect size to hold all of my bits and bobs.

Top: Forever 21+ (sold out) Similar here or here //Pants: Eloquii // Clutch: ebay.com // Necklace: Zara (old) Similar here // Shoes: Zara (sold out) Similar here // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Options for my tall divas are: Shirt: J.Crew // Pants: J.Crew

Judy’s Look

When Cityline reached out to Fab Four Fashion about doing a fashion segment on pants, I was so excited! Honestly, I jumped out of my chair at work and went to hug Gail LOL. Soon after I came back to reality and realized that finding the perfect pants that fit my curvy frame was not going to be an easy task. I’ve seen it all with pants and been on countless searches for the right pair.

j IMG_3763

For my body type the 2 main concerns when finding a great fitting pant are:

1- A pair of pants that fit the largest part of my body which are my hippie hips.

2- A pair of pants that don’t have the awful gaping at the back.

Let’s face it pants are an essential piece that every woman needs in their wardrobe. To avoid the problem area (hips and waist) when choosing pants I tend to go for pants that have partial elastic in the waistband.


j IMG_3839

This time around the search finally paid off.  Yay!  I found this great pair of ¾ purple peg trousers from ASOS and the best part is that I got them on sale for 30$!  I just love scoring big!  When these pants arrived, I ran to the bathroom at my work place to try them. I was so anxious to see if my areas of concern were under control.  I couldn’t have been happier when I tried my pants and they fit me perfectly.  There was no gaping at the back and they fit perfectly at the hips.

These pants are a great addition to my fall wardrobe, they are so versatile I can wear them to work with a nice shirt, I can dress them down with a cute pair of oxford shoes and a sweater. Nevertheless I feel that these hot purple pants are perfect for Fab Four Fashion’s TV debut!

j IMG_3942

To complete my TV debut look, since I love colour and I believe colours should be worn all year long, I paired my purple trousers with my ¾ sleeve hot pink top from Zara.  The finishing touches were a pair of blush coloured pumps and a nice necklace to elevate this daytime look to the next level. Lights, Camera, Action- Judy is ready for her close up!

j IMG_4029

Pants: ASOS // Top: old Zara find similar here // shoes: Aldo // necklace: (old) Ebay find similar here

For my tall Glamazon Babes : pants and top

Till next time!


The Fab Four

Jeans Anyone?

Gr - IMG_2330

Gr - IMG_2281

Jeans…denim… dungarees! A fashion trend that has spanned the globe and continues to be a favorite among young and old alike!  Invented over 100 years ago, jeans are that one fashion item that has run the gamut from being synonymous with the poor working class to a symbol of wealth and affluence solely based on the name on the label.  Talk about a fashion renaissance!  I know many women can have a love/hate relationship with jeans, but the secret is to not stop looking until you’ve unearthed the perfect pair. Don’t settle for anything else. They don’t need to be expensive; they just need to show off your heavenly curves! Check out what the ladies of Fab Four have on the jeans menu for you!

Gr - IMG_2341

Judy’s Look

Oohh chile, God knows I have been searching for a good pair of jeans that can fit my curvy body for the longest time. There are a few criteria that I look for in a good pair of jeans:

  • I like my jeans to have stretch. I want to be able to move and be comfortable in my jeans and I hate when I feel a pinch at the waist because the they is not stretchy enough.
  • I’m a sucker for skinny jeans, so I want pair of jeans that is either low rise or mid-rise and when I sit down I don’t want to have plumber crack LOL.  Raise your hand if you had this happen to you in the past LOL –  I’ve  definitely been guilty of this over the years.

J - IMG_2455

Well the search for me is over yay yay. I found 2 great pairs of jeans that meet all my requirements. I discovered this brand called Second Yoga Skin jeans and let me tell you that they are every curvy girls’ dream. Their price range varies from $90 to $160, and you can easily find them at Jean Machines.

J - IMG_2452

The second pair I found, which is the pair I’m rocking on the pictures, is from Old Navy. It’s called the Women’s Sweetheart Skinny jeans in long. They are regular price $39.50 but I got them on sales for $27! They fit me perfectly and I love that they come in short, regular and long. I always go for long cause I love wearing a nice pair of skinny jeans with heels.

J - IMG_2475

To top my look, I wore a sleeveless peplum top – I think that peplum tops are a great combination with skinny jeans especially for curvy girls like me. To further elevate my jeans look, I wore my salmon peep toe sandals and I added my favorite necklace.

J - IMG_2495

Jeans: Old Navy here // sleeveless peplum top: H&M (old) similar here // Sandals: Enzo Angilioni (old) similar here // necklace : Zara (old) similar here // earrings : Forever 21 (old) similar here // rings: Forever 21 (old) Similar here  and here


Leslie’s Look

My all time favourite thing to wear? Simple; jeans and a tee baby! My love affair with dungarees began at a young age and I’ve been ever faithful to this seemingly timeless fashion trend. Baggy, skinny, synched, bell bottomy (is that a word), I think I’ve worn them all over the years and continue to build my collection!

L - IMG_2836

These skinny jeans by True Religion are my favorite pair right now! They have been broken in and feel like they are bespoke…customized just for my willowy frame! The distressed detail, which I gotta admit  took me a little time to get jiggy with, is now one of the things I like most about them!

L - IMG_2931

The flap pocket is perfectly placed to give the illusion that I’m packing a little more heat (i.e. junk in the trunk LOL) and the wash and skinny leg style let me easily transition this look from day time hang out gear to night time party wear! All I had to do with this look was take a simple white t-shirt and jeans and add a couple upgrades.

L - IMG_2861

Speaking of upgrades…this gorgeous cape blazer, of course reminiscent of Solnage’s   wedding outfit is the piece de resistance for this look. After this cape-jacket I didn’t even need shoes cause no one would have noticed!LOL But since I can’t go barefooted, I chose to finish the look with mint green pumps and a silver clutch. And of course, my sassy shades! Note to my tall girls on True Religion jeans. While I do love them, they are not always faithful to the tall girls! I sometimes have difficulty finding a pair that fit me in both waist and length. I had to go through a lot of frogs before I found my princely pair! But it was well worth the search! See ladies, we can all find our Prince, well, at least in jeans!:-)

L - IMG_2892

Jeans: True Religion // Cape-Blazer: Zara // Shoes: Office // Clutch: Ebay

Nancy’s Look

I love dresses and skirts like the next girl, but in my heart, just like my girl Leslie, I’m all about jeans and a tee! In fact, 9 out of 10 times that you see me running through the 6, I do so wearing some variation of jeans. I dig a good pair of boyfriend jeans, love my trouser jeans, but can never part from the skinny. They easily go from casual Friday to drinks with the girls, and you already know how I feel about multi purposed clothes!

N - IMG_2651

Now, we tall ladies KNOW that the quest for the perfect pair that is LONG enough is NOT an easy feat! Over the years, I’ve struck luck with brands like Levi’s, J. Crew, Old Navy and Alloy Apparel to name a few. Here, I’m rocking my very first pair of jeans from Topshop and I must say that I’m quite pleased!

N - IMG_2674

With a 36” inseams, gone are the days where I have to pretend that my jeans were supposed to be “cropped” LOL. These also have the right amount of stretch: enough that I do not have the dreaded gap at the waist (my booty endowed ladies will understand!!) and not too tight that said booty will get squished.

N - IMG_2583

This color loving chica swapped her rainbow for an all-black-everything look because, well, why not! I kept my look simple with a bandeau top, leather jacket (which got ditched as it got surprisingly hot!) and strappy sandals. Well, ok, I snuck some color in with the purse LOL I can’t help it!! I love to offset my almost all black looks with metallic accessories, and here, I did so with silver earrings, bracelet and this glorious necklace.

N - IMG_2654

Jeans: Topshop // Top: Asos // Shoes: Nine west (old); similar here // Purse: Dedo Azu (more deets coming very soon!!) // Necklace: old; similar here and here

Gail’s Look

Jeans are that quintessential item in a women’s closet that are just a “no-brainer”.  With the variety of styles and washes available, jeans can go from dressed up chic to casual unique in a flash.  It all depends on how you want to rock them.   Moreover, their versatility works for all four seasons.

G - IMG_2983

I decided to on a lighter wash as my look was on the boho casual tip.  For those plus size ladies who are hesistant in trying a pair of skinny jeans why not try a pair in a darker wash?  This is not about hiding your body, merely playing with a trend on your terms.

G - IMG_2980

I paired my light coloured jeans with a white bodysuit and floral kimono.

G - IMG_3062

As I’m sure you all know, kimonos are one of the hot items for summer.  They offer coverage for upper arm for those cool summer evenings.

G - IMG_2960

I polished off my look with a taupe and peachy/gray leather hobo purse and taupe sandals.

Jeans: Old Navy (sold out) Similar here or here // Bodysuit: Forever 21 Plus (sold out) Similar here //Kimono: eBay.com //Sandals: Calvin Klein (old) Similar here // Bag: Tory Burch (old) Similar here or here // Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Off the Wall



It was the great MJ who told us that “tonight…gotta leave that 9 to 5 upon the shelf…and just enjoy yourself”, and that is exactly what the ladies of Fab Four Fashion and their guests did last Saturday night! Friends, both old and new, congregated en mass at a swanky restaurant in downtown Toronto to celebrate the launch of the Fab Four Fashion blog and say thank you to all those who have shown them so much love & support along the way! And to those of you who were unable to attend, a huge thank you goes out to you as well!


So what do the Fab Four like to wear when they decide to “live their life off the wall”? Check-check-check check it out!

Judy’s Look


I’ve been locked up in the house way to long due to the brutal winter we’ve had; and now, this spring season is proving to be subpar thus far. But, “I got my freakum dress on, Ladies Get your freakum dress on” cause tonight it’s the night! It’s the Fab Four Fashion Launch Party … (oh I know you love my remix of Beyoncé’s Freakum Dress On LOL )

For our party I decided to go with sexy, fitted and short (oh yeah, it’s a “freakum dress”). I scored this little number a few seasons ago from ASOS on sale, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny! Since my dress was a tad on the short side, I had my tailor let out the hem to give me a bit more length (you know a girl’s gotta keep it classy).


I paired this look with a nice black and gold belt to accentuate my curvy frame, and these gorgeous black lace up cage sandals which compliment the look flawlessly. Since I got the nails done, the toes needed to be on display! And at any rate, it’s a party right!


To further accessorize my look, I wore a gold bracelet and a funky gold ring I got from Forever 21.


Dress Asos old find similar here // Belt Asos old find similar here // Sandals Nine West // Bracelet Forever 21 old find similar here// ring Forever 21

For my Tall Divas of the world I didn’t forget about you! Here are the options I found for you to recreate a similar look: check out these dresses here and here. I also found some Nine West shoes that go up to size 12.

And remember, “wave your hands side to side, put it in the air, wave your hands side to side, put it in the air , clap, clap, clap like you don’t care”. That’s the Fab Four Fashion/Toronto’s Destiny’s Child version of “711” (you already know who is the Beyoncé of the group LMAO).


Leslie’s Look

What was it MJ said; don’t stop till you get enough? Well, I just can’t get enough of the gorgeous clothing designed by Clover Canyon! Their use of colour and print is fresh and exciting; their prints, bold and beautiful, and best of all, they believe in sales! Can I get an “AMEN”!


Interestingly enough, on their web site, you can set up price alerts so that you’re immediately advised when that certain little something that caught your eye has finally dropped in price. Can I get a “Hallelujah”!


And finally, I adore that they combine funky bold prints with classic, simple lines. This magically delicious dress, which I immediately pounced on once it went on sale, is a perfect illustration of these great attributes (i.e. exciting colour, bold print, classic lines and purchased on sale!!)  The quintessential fashion grand slam! Can I get a “PREACH”!


In view of the fact that I am slightly on the taller side of the height spectrum at about 5’9 (you tall ladies will understand my plight), I often find myself buying pieces with three quarter sleeves. This way, I don’t have to worry about the sleeve length being awkwardly short or buying the item 2 sizes up then having it tailored to fit my frame. Well, I have now purchased a few items from Clover Canyon, most of them long sleeved and I can attest to the fact that, despite my purchasing the smallest size, the sleeve length still hits where it should! Thank you clover Canyon for getting me!

I wanted this look to be all about the dress, so I paired it with my nude stilettos and a simple clutch, and bippity boppity boo, I’m ready for the ball!


Dress: ASOS //Shoes: Office // Purse: Ebay

For my curvy ladies, make it your own with this dress. And the nude shoes are available in extended sizes at Nordstrom.

Nancy’s Look


As soon as we decided that we were going to have this celebration, I knew that I would pull out a sexy LBD. I’m usually all about color but there’s something about a black dress that I simply love.


The sweetheart neckline of this particular dress provides the sexy and the length ensures the classy! The scuba material gives an awesome fit and the underwire front adjusts nicely at the bust. Since the dress is simple enough, I used it as a canvas for that glorious necklace! I won’t lie, I did a spin and a dip when I saw it! It truly takes the outfit to the next level.


I finished my look with these laser cut sandals, a gold cut out cuff and this fun box clutch. With that, I was ready to par-tay!


Dress: Topshop // Necklace: Aldo (Ladies, for some reason, the necklace is not online but it’s definitely at the store!! If you love it, run to the nearest Aldo store, quick!); similar here and here  // Cuff: Aldo (sold out); similar here and here // Shoes: Nine West (Since the larger sizes are gone, check these out!)// Clutch: Ebay

My plus size bombshells can also rock their fierce LBDs with these options here and here.

Gail’s Look

Greetings massive!  I definitely feel like I’m living off the wall  and outside my comfort zone in this outfit.


Once again, I went back to black and white by pairing my grid patterned skirt first seen here with a white vest and body suit.


Ladies, I know that some of us have some mixed feelings about showcasing our arms as the temperatures rise so if you choose, you could swap out the sleeveless vest for a white jacket.  Maybe push up the sleeves to “juh-ju” the look a little bit.


I completed my look with an oversized silver clutch and fun polka dot pumps.

Oh and I need to wax poetic about my earrings.  This ear cuff is the earring of my WHOLE LIFE!  I found it at H&M and snatched it up so quick I would have made Usain Bolt do a double take…man, I probably broke an Olympic record or two! LOL


Sleeveless tuxedo vest: Forever 21 // Body suit: Maidenform Similar here // Skirt: Reb Dolls (sold out) Similar here // Shoes: Tory Burch (0ld) Similar here //White jacket: J C Penny (old) Similar here // Ear cuff: H&M //Clutch: Ebay

For our team tall readers here our some options for you! Sleeveless vest from Zara and a skirt from ASOS Tall

We enjoyed hanging out with all of you. Can’t wait for the next party!



~The Fab Four

Spring Has Sprung

real feat

Spring has finally sprung! Those elusive days of summer that at once seemed like an impossible dream; a cruel mirage in our winter desert, are now becoming our dream come true. Our apologies for the dramatics, but this is truly how Canadians feel when spring finally begins to bloom!

gr IMG_7806


While we waited with baited breath to feel  that first hint of spring  in the air, the Fab Four have been dreaming of their pastels n sandals n prints, oh my! Though it may not yet be time for us to break out the short-shorts and tank tops, it is definitely time for lighter jackets and fewer layers. In celebration of the first days of spring, we decided it was high time we shrug off our winter mantles and take to the streets, catch some rays and snap some pics of what we like to wear for spring!

Gail’s Look

Spring has definitely sprung and I am here for it!  For my look, I wanted soft creamy colours juxtaposed (I love that word) against a vibrant colour.

GT Edited Spring IMG_8024

This pastel pink knee length coat offers just enough warmth against cool spring breezes.

GT Edited Spring 4 IMG_8068

The saturated colour of this tank top spoke to me and I just had to have it.  I paired it with this sweet powder blue faux leather skirt.

G Edited Spring 3 IMG_8063

For extra oomph and pizazz I added this chunky statement necklace and these striped pumps from Zara et voila, my look is complete!

G Spring 2 IMG_8032

Coat: Elvi (old) Similar here // Tank top: Forever 21 // Faux leather skirt: Eloquii (old) Similar here // Shoes: Zara (old) Similar here or here // Purse: JustFab (sold out) Similar here here or here // Necklace: Ebay.com // Watch: Purchased at the Art Gallery of Ontario can be found here //Rings: H&M

Tall sisterfriends, you have not been overlooked.  Some Coat options are: here or here

Judy’s Look

Spring has finally arrived, can I get an AMEN! None of us thought we were going to see it this year. For me a great spring start gives me hope that a beautiful summer season will also be on its way.  I chose an outfit that consists of light colors,  you know, the usual shade of cream which is classy cut with a Judy twist that being MY SHOES!!

JS Edited Spring 2 IMG_8111

The top is a classic flowy cream top which works very well with my pants. This top offers great versatility cause I can wear it with so many things.

JS Edited Spring 3 - IMG_8133

I’m a sucker for printed pants and I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pair that will fit my curvy frame.  I scored these miraculous pants at the H&M store on 34th Street in New York City last year.

JS Edited Spring 4 - IMG_8160

So the background story on my shoes are that I bought them last month at Winners which is like a Marshall’s/TJ Maxx store.  I purchased them for $99. Fast forward few weeks later when I popped into another Winners store and saw the very same pair of shoes for $37!   I snatched those puppies up and returned the pair I bought for $100 bucks-game, set, match Judy, wwwhhhaaattt!

To complete my look I wore a classic cream trench coat which went perfectly with my outfit.

JS Edited Spring 1 - IMG_8089

Pants: H&M (old) Similar here and here //Top: H&M (old) Similar here  and  here // Shoes: Ivanka Trump (old) Similar here // Trench coat: Banana Republic (old) Similar here

For my tall and sexy sisters you know I would never forget you.  Here are some options similar to my look.

Top //Pants // Pants // Trench Coat // Shoes


Leslie’s Look

Muahaha! Please excused the evil laugh, but I’ve had this beautiful powder blue gem of a coat squirreled away in my closet for the past couple of months, just biding my time until I found the right moment to reveal it to the world, and that time is finally upon us: SPRING! Sorry for the dramatics, but I’m just so deliriously happy! This pale piece of perfection is heavy enough to shield you from the cooler breezes that still linger in spring, yet light enough to wear when the temperatures hit the high teens (you know you’re Canadian when you’re excited about temperatures in the high teens “ay”?)!

L - IMG_7977 - 2

This groovy LPD (i.e. little printed dress), I scooped up from Zara speaks to the retro girl in me. The silhouette, colours and print give it that 60’s /70’s vibe I love, and lucky for me, is a big trend right now. The shortness of the hemline notwithstanding (sorry Mommy), it is not a figure-hugging style of dress so you’ll feel less exposed. But come on ladies, those legs need to get that sun-kissed glow too so why not show them off in this fab flirty frock! And what with the high crew neck and three-quarter sleeves on this little number, you’re otherwise dressed quite demurely (umm, did anyone else see a sudden flash of light outside?)

LT Edited Spring 1 - IMG_7834

This vintage-vibe dress, paired with this powder blue coat with sleeves that are just a little short to lend to that retro feel, is the perfect combination. The shoes, a lovely nude-pink colour, compliment the look since they are more neutral, while the yellow clutch provides a punch of colour that plays up the yellow in the dress.

LT Edited Spring 4 - IMG_7981

Colour, print, heels…I would say these are the perfect ingredients for any look this spring and I just love how this simple recipe comes together to create this fun spring look!

LT Edited Spring 2 - IMG_7876

Coat: H&M (sold out), similar here // Dress: Zara // Shoes: Anne Klein (old), Similar here // Purse: Similar here

Curvy bombshells, you have not been overlooked.  Here are some options for you!  Coat: ASOS Curve // Dress: Eshakti //


Nancy’s Look

I will echo the ladies sentiments and say yay! Spring is FINALLY here! After this gruesome winter, it was nice to finally be able to shed some layers. For my first skin baring outfit of the year, I donned printed overalls – or dungarees as they’re called across the pond. Side note, if you look at this post or this one, I clearly have a thing for jumpsuits! I just love them.

N - IMG_8237

I got these at Topshop a couple of seasons ago. Surprisingly, the length worked for me here, but the beauty of warmer temperatures is that you can get away with a shorter inseam and make these pass for crop pant length or pretend that they are meant to be 3/4!

N - IMG_8196

I wore my overalls with a lace tank top just to add texture and a light collarless, belted oversized coat.

N - IMG_8166

My look was completed with a slew of gold bangles, a cream snakeskin clutch which I got in London a million years ago. And to stay true to myself, I added a pop of color via my orange pumps.

N - IMG_8301Overalls: Topshop (old); similar here // Lace cami: Topshop (old); similar here // Coat: H&M (old); similar here // Shoes: Nine West

Curvy girls, you can get in the dungarees action too with this option here.

 gr IMG_7787


What looks are you looking forward to rocking this spring?



~Fab Four

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 2

Melissa Nepton Print

Hey everyone! We are continuing our Runway Review Remix with all the awesome looks from Day 2. Just to recap, the Fab Four will be taking it to the next level by suggesting ways to recreate the looks inspired by the runway for all the body types represented by Fab Four Fashion! Today’s review is done by Nancy who represents the long legged ladies.

Day 2 packed a punch: we got elegant simplicity from Helder Diego, perfect cocktail dresses from Narces, beautiful pops of color (and an appearance by the gorgeous Stacey McKenzie) from Vawk, Melissa Nepton and David Dixon who celebrated 20 years by showcasing strong femininity in his runway show!

So, I’m changing things up a bit by starting with footwear.  Nine West dominated Day 2 footwear. The beauties that went down the runway were Tall Chicks Friendly meaning, they all go up to size 12!  The models from David Dixon struted down the catwalk in the FULL FORCE sandals – which I own and love, while the shoes of choice for Vawk was the FLORA and the KIRALEE. {With that said, I have a bone to pick with Nine West Canada…why oh why do you make us fall in love with these gorgeous shoes, but then crush us by rarely carrying anything over a size 10? We see that your American counterpart and distributors like Amazon.com carry the extended sizes. They’re so close, yet so unattainable! We have to go through crazy leaps and bounds to get our hands on them (read: beg our American relatives to hook us up…) Thankfully, Long Tall Sally is there to fulfill some of our Nine West needs! Nine West Canada, please, be kind and show us some love! Now that I got this off my chest, we can resume this post! 🙂 }

 Full Force

FULLFORCE by Nine West


KIRALEE by Nine West


FLORA by Nine West

The collections presented on Day 2 were all fantastic, but Melissa Nepton collection stole my heart. This Montreal designer’s line was dubbed ‘Romantic Warrior’. With a name like that, you know that the line will incorporate all things awesome – sporty chic, structure, geometrical prints, oversize jackets, blushes, peaches and grays oh my!

Pastel Melissa Nepton

To play on some of the pastels she uses along with her structural piece, I paired this nude high waisted, pleated skort with this loose fitted crop top with a back opening. To top it off, I added more structural element with this oversized trench coat. The FLORA sandals are the perfect punctuation for this look!

Since I was so inspired by this line, I could not stop at one look. The look that really made my jaw drop was a geometric printed oversize coat and shorts set.

Melissa Nepton Print

I played on the geometric print theme for this print overload outfit. The simple printed top marries perfectly with this mini skirt. If shorter hemlines are not your forté, you can substitute for this midi pleated skirt which keeps the mixed print theme going. Complete this look with this jacquard 3/4 length sleeve jacket and the KIRALEE sandals and you have a perfect look! I did warn you of the print overload right?

Did you check out any of the shows? Which one are you most inspired by?



Faux Leather Skirt Four Ways

grp 3

grp 1

We headed out to one of our favourite lunch spots here in Toronto called Auberge du Pommier.  The French cuisine served up in this quint French country restaurant is simply incredible.

For this outing, we decided to rock faux leather skirts. Faux leather skirts can be found in a wide variety of styles and shapes and these hot numbers allow for real fab looks for all body types.

Nancy’s Look
Nancy 1
I spotted this faux leather skirt on sale at Zara (score!). I love how playful it is and how it can be worn in a miriad of ways.  I went all the way faux for my look by pairing my skirt with a faux fur top from H&M also found on sale (double score!)
Nancy 2
I accessorized my look with these sassy leopard print strappy sandals and my favourite printed clutch.
Nancy 3
Nancy 4
Pleated Skirt: Zara (sold out); similar here and here (both options are on sale!) // Faux Fur Top: H&M (sold out); similar here // Strappy Sandals: Smash Shoes (goes up to size 13!) // Necklace: Forever 21 (old); similar here and here // Clutch: gifted by Dedo Azu – more details to follow soon!
Gail’s Look
Gail 1R
Plus size fashion has come a long way and I’m so glad I can really indulge in all the new styles!  Who doesn’t love options?  I love this ASOS Curve wrap pencil faux leather skirt and the fact that it hugs me in all the right places doesn’t hurt.
Gail 2
I paired it with this form fitting black and white top that is actually a dress from ASOS Curve (similar) and a white jacket from JC Penny (similar).  The booties are from Nine West and I’ve completed the look with a canary yellow purse from Tory Burch.  To add just a bit more pizzazz I’m wearing patterned stockings from Addition Elle (similar).
Gail 3
Gail 4
Skirt: ASOS Curve // Dress (worn here as a top): ASOS Curve (old); similar here // Jacket: JC Penney (old); similar here // Booties: Nine West // Purse: Tory Burch // Stockings: Addition Elle (old); similar here
Judy’s Look

Judy 1

For my brunch look at Auberge I wore my midi black faux leather skirt which I paired with a cream over the shoulder sweater.

Judy 2

I love this look on me because it accentuates my curves in all the right places. To top off this look I wore a nice necklace and my black and blue snakeskin pumps.

Judy 3


Judy 4

Skirt: Zara //Sweater: Zara (no longer available); similar here //Shoes: Betsey Johnson(old); similar here //necklace- Zara (no longer available); similar here


Leslie’s Look

Leslie 1

I love wearing cool tees. They are definitely that wardrobe piece that is, to borrow from Transformers, “more than meets the eye”! Whether with a cute pair of jeans or dressed up for an evening out, a cute tee can be a very versatile wardrobe element.

Leslie 2

In this look, I used a cool comfortable graphic tee to bring a little rock to this otherwise flirty faux leather skirt and leather lapel long sleeve sweater combo. Cool, compfy, chic. Throw on my trusty leopard print pumps and I’m feeling hot-to-trot!

Leslie 3


Leslie 4

Sweater: Zara // T-shirt: Topshop  // Skirt: Zara (sold out), similar here // Pumps (old) similar here // Purse: eBay


How do you wear your faux leather skirts?



~The Quartet